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New and Worried

Hey everyone,

Started the CD about a week and a half ago and was lucky enough to lose a stone on the first week. I started at 19 and a quarter, and aiming to get down to about 14. Still slightly over my BMI, but I think I would have more chance of maintaining that.

So far I have had loads of problems with the sachets. I have tried pretty much all of them now and find all of them, other than the chocolate one totally unpalatable. I was just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this or are they just something you learn to grow and love? Some of them made me pretty ill, so at the moment sticking to 3 tetras a day and one chocolate powder.

Still getting the odd craving for something, but luckily looking at the amazing pictures on this site has kept my willpower. Lets hope it keeps on doing it.

Now Im just quite worried about how I am going to manage to maintain it when food is back on teh agenda. I love my food.

Wishing everyone else on the diet the best of luck!

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I was just wondering whether anyone else has experienced this or are they just something you learn to grow and love?
Not grow to love...perhaps grow to appreciate? ;) I know I disliked the soups, but stuck with them and they were fine after a few times. The choc tetra was my favourite, with hot coffee sometimes, other times on it's own.

There's not reason why you can't just have the tetras, but I recommend sticking with another flavour for a while to add some variety....and of course, you'll have the opportunity to use the bars shortly. I did like the malt bar :)
Some of them made me pretty ill,
Sometimes the shakes (and even the tetras) can make you feel a bit yucky because of the high concentrate of vits and minerals. You could try splitting the packs. I always did that, because I like to 'eat' little and often.

Now Im just quite worried about how I am going to manage to maintain it when food is back on teh agenda. I love my food.
I guess I love my food even more now I'm maintaining. Maybe because I appreciate it more...and I actually taste it now :D The difference is that I control it rather than it controlling me. Just because you love something, doesn't mean to have to keep having it if you know what I mean.

All the very best with your 'journey'. It really is a fab diet. Stick with it and you'll be at goal in no time :)


I waas going to suggest as KD said: try splitting the packs. just think 8 little meal a day:p how exciting can that be.
Try making them up much more dilute. 250 ml is the minimum, & the flavour is pretty intense. some people find some of the flavours much better weaker & the minerals are more dilute too.

also tastes can change with time throuyg the diet, what was loved becomes inedible & vece versa.

also your CDC might let you have a bar next week after such a massive loss. generally not recommende til 2/52 completed & she/he may have stron feelings on the matter but it's another way of adding variety to the menu.
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Nothing to add to the great advice above but wanted to welcome you on board and wish you luck. I did most of my CD with just choccie tetras so don't worry if you only find a couple of things you like just stick with them.

Let us know how you are getting on.



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I can not drink any of the shakes unless made with ice cubes ,dont know why but it does change the taste .You need to find a combo that suits you but 4 ice cubes and 150ml water or 6/8 ice cubes and a slash of water are my favs you have to put them in a blender for a good minuet .Or making a vanilla porridge using psyillium husks is very filling for brekkie look for reciep thread on here for more ideas xxx
When I can't face the Leek and Mushroom, or Mushroom soups, I add a spoonful of curry powder to give them a kick.

Also, with the soups I always use a massive mug (probably double the normal size) - the consistency is still thick enough and it fills you up for hours.

Good luck - I think week 1 is full of trial and errors. I was really looking forward to Spicy Tomato and thought I was going to be sick when I finished it - urrggghhhh!!!!
When I started I couldnt take the shakes without feeling sick, people told me it was probably the high vitamin concentration and to try splitting them, i tried that and was feeling sick 6 times a day instead of 3! I dont think it was the vitamin concentration for be because before CD I used to take strong multivitamins regularly and never had a problem.

I switched to tetras and havent looked back. The shakes just didnt suit me. I have mostly tetras and get a few tomato soups for a change just in case I get fed up with the tetras but at the moment I can happily have 3 choc tetras a day

As for maintaining well its early days to be thinking of that, but when you get to your goal, keep reminding yourself of the hard work and sacrifice it took to reach your goal when making food choices.

I know in the past I found planning in advance the meals for the next day always worked for me. Planning something to look forward to a couple of times a week also helps keep me on track anyway :)


is gonna do it!!
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I'm the same as you and can only handle the choc shakes. Just go with it and don;t worry about the maintaining for now, cross that bridge when you come to it. We all love our food, that's why we're all here, doing this diet!!
We can all do this with some will power behind us!
lUV cHArx
hi jim,just wanted to say best of luck to ya. wow a stone in week one is brill.I mainly have the choc/bananna tetra's aswell. I hate all the sweet shakes dont mind some of the soups but still stick to tetra's. lots of support etc on here.

becky x

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