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ProPoints new and would love support!!!

Hi all

I have been doing ww pro points online for a few months. promised myself if i started to go off track i would join a class:sigh: the last few days i have totally gone off track!!!! all the fault of salty and sweet popcorn!!! ok i weigh in on thursday and that was this morning and joy of joy no gain (how i have no idea) so in a moment of what i consider genius thinking (happens rarely) i decided after 2 months of stalking you lot to start typing!!!
i have a massive 48 point allowance (i started with 51!!!!! )how you girls manage with 29 i am in awe of you
I need to lose this weight not only because i would love to know what skinny feels like (can't remember that far back) but also have decided that if i don't have another baby now my son may be an only child.......have the dreaded pcos
so time to actually knuckle down and help myself......

smoothie 2 pro points
ww bagel 4 pp
scramble eggs 4pp

wrap 4pp
smoked salmon 4pp
lettuce 0pp
mayo 4pp
ww coconut cake 2pp

uncle bens mushroom rice 8pp
chicken 4pp
philly mustard and honey 4pp
mushrooms 0pp
wine 10pp

grapes 0pp

50/48 daily
2/49 weekly

had friends over for dinner!!!!! and i resisted dessert

still! even 48 not enough
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Worked last tonight from 7pm until 7am this morning (same to be repeated tonight)

Ww bagel 4pp
Butter. 2pp
Smoothie. 3pp

Wrap 4pp
Chicken. 4pp
Mayo. 1pp
Coconut bar 2pp
Lemon lime dessert 2 pp

Stuffed pepper 6pp
Roasted veg. 0 pp
Couscous. 6pp
Feta. 4pp

Snacks (in work)
Popcorn 4pp

Daily 42 pp

No weekly used

Would have norm picked more at work but Friday night A&E not a quiet place!!!!!


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Well done Shar on resisting dessert last night:happy096:

You did better than me:break_diet:



wrap. 4
Chicken. 4
Mayo 2
Smoothie. 6 ( used icecream!! A bit of a waste)

Going to have food at work throughout night. The plan is
Jacket pot 7pp
Beans. 4pp
Cheese 4pp
Smoothie. 4pp
Coconut cake. 2pp
Rice cakes 3 pp ( hope to nibble instead of crisps girls bring in)

Daily 40/48
Weekly again 0 but have 2 meals out planned in week ( the dreaded frankie and bennies being one of them)
I had a bit of a plan with dessert I made baked cheesecake ( I don't like it) so a lot easier to say no !!!! If it had been norm cheesecake I would have stuffed it!
Feeling a bit down today!!! Found out I am working all over Christmas 4th year running. Norm when feeling like this I eat eat eat..... Good job I was nights last night and feel so so tired that I have no energy to go get food
Toast 5pp
Flora. 1 pp
Jam. 2 pp

Heading to my mums for Sunday roast queen if massive portions!!!
Beef 8pp
Free veg
Pots. 7pp
Yorkshire 2 pp
Peas. 2 pp
Parsnip. 2 pp
Gravy ( real made with beef fat!!!!!)
I am thinking 1 pp per tablespoon???? So must be at least 6 pp!!!
Worked out my mums roast is about 27pp. I have over estimated I think but not far wrong. This is one of my mums healthy meals! No wonder I struggled with weight since I remember. She is an amazing mum but sees feeding as loving x

Add 10 pp for wine
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No I have been doing weight watchers online since sept. started posting as I had a 2 week blip where I stayed the same so was hoping posting on here would give me motivation!! And so far it's working..... Again resisted dessert but caved in and had a wine!!!
Smoothie 2pp

Wrap 4pp
Chicken. 4pp
Lettuce. 0pp
Mayo. 1pp
Velvet crunch2pp
Ww cake. 2 pp

Went to frankie and bennys so not really sure had the prawns to start and then pollo limone so thought about 25-30pp???? Also has wine 9pp!!!!!

Have another meal out tonight!!! But have said I will drive so diet coke all the way
Ok was rather good as only had diet coke... But I dread to think or point the trio of prawns the chicken wrapped in bacon and the apple crumble!!!!! Tried to justify by saying at least the apples in the crumble are free!!!! Mind me and the girls had a good old moan about men and work etc etc... Oh and we have come to the conclusion god is def a man... A woman would have made sure choc was good, essential, and low in fat while lettuce would be dripping in points x
Worked nights last night so slept most of yesterday

Breakfast sleeping

Salad. 0pp
Halloumi 6pp
Bacon. 4pp
Smoothie( need the vitamins) 2pp

Chicken chow mien. Not sure as take away and lots so gave it 15 pp

X5 coffees (essential via nights). 5pp

Think 32 pp. but needed a good day have a sinking feeling the nights before 3 courses may have sunk me!! X
Finding it hard working nights and pointing!!! Kind of need to think of a foolproof way of keeping on track.... I lost 2lb on Thursday!!! Then Friday night I did 2 bottles of wine and boyfriend cooked steak with creamy garlic mushrooms!!!! Mind the lovely did google low fat recipes, I'd not think about wine!!! He seemed shocked at how many calories in a beer... This comes from a man who eats like a horse and stays slim!!! Life is so not fair..

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Breakfast slept

Lunch. 2 bread. 5pp
2 sausages. 4 pp
Butter. 4 pp
Brown sauce. 2 pp
Ww cake bar. 2 pp
Bottle sol (only thing cold in fridge) 3 pp

Chicken. 4 pp
Stuffing (homemade). 3pp
Pots. 4 pp
Peas. 2 pp
Parsnip. 3pp
Cabbage 0pp
Gravy. 4 pp
Icecream. 4 pp

Total 45 pp

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Ok today I am def keeping track of all eaten

Breakfast porridge. 6pp popped some blueberries in

Ww bread. 5pp
Spread. 1pp
Ham. 2pp
Salad. 0pp

Dinner chicken breast stuffed with small amount of bread crumbs philidelpia and pesto
With Parma ham cover = 4 for chicken 1 pesto 1 philidelpia bread crumb 1 and Parma ham 4 total 11 pp
Gnocchi 5 pp
Rest of pesto 5 pp
Steamed mushrooms 0pp
2 bottles of sol 6pp

Curly Wurly. 3pp

Total 44 points

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