New - Approx how much will I lose?

Hiya Lou and welcome

As long as you glug the water then you should lose a minimum of a stone (14 pounds) per month.

It does slow a little as you come in to land as your body needs less calories anyway and I think it has to search for fat a bit more than when you have a couple of stone on yer belly that is nearby.

But even so you should still drop it quick!

Water is the key though!!

ok thanks for that - really appreciate it.

Oh and I must say -I did tons of research on the net before starting cambridge and I came across your blog. I know that lots of people have found it inspirational - well, I have done too. Im slowly working my way through it and it is helping me every day. So, THANK You Mike, Im another one that you can add to your list. :)))

p.s So you did became a Counselor - although I dont know you, I am thrilled for you! Well done and thanks again.
I want to lose 3 stone altogether and in 3 weeks I've lost a stone!!!

This is THE best diet in the world, I LOVE IT!!!!!
(woops I'm getting carried away again!!!!)

You're right too, everyone on here is lovely!

wow!! Good for you!!!!! so you will be at your target for your wedding then? :) How have you found it??

I certainly hope to be, if I haven't reached it bang on I should think I'll be very close.

Louise, I bloomin love the Cambridge Diet!!! I found it the most easy thing in the world. No planning required, it's got me into a great habit of drinking water (I always drank diet coke) which I hope will stay with me.

I went to London on Monday and Warwick Castle on Tuesday with my Fiance, who's slim and can eat ANYTHING :mad: and I still found that fine while he tucked into his grub I had a black coffee.

I think my wedding is THE best motivation and maybe if I was getting married I wouldn't be as focused, but I like to think I would be!!!

I posted a thread the other night saying how much I love CD - I reckon everyone thinks I've lost it!!!!!!