New Cambridge 2023/2024 Losing to Maintaining Journey Together

Couldn’t face thinking about real food yesterday so stuck with all Cambridge meals. I think it’s ok on days where the family are having lovely protein I can join them and add veg (all from the list in diet).
Ahhhhhhhhhhh yay. I thought after 4 days of:
day 1- 3 Cambridge meals & tuna & cauliflower
day 2 - 4 Cambridge meals
day 3- 3 Cambridge meals & beaf ribs & broccoli/ cauliflower
day 4- 4 Cambridge meals

I randomly weighed mid week and I’ve made the 2 stone off yay 🥳💯
28lbs gone and now I can move into the 3rd stone off. So happy and so glad I’ve stuck with it.
Also so amazing to be able to combine step 1b and 2
Hi @Visualizing thank you so much for starting this thread, I’ve been looking for others on Cambridge as I’m feeling a bit isolated loool.

I started 28th July so far had 25lbs loss, it seems to be slowing down now though. I’ve done this diet before but like 10years ago and it went well I lost 4 stone but just quit and ended up putting on more because of bad eating in general. This time I’m super focused and not phased by real food or having to be social about it.

My aim is be 10st 7lb I started at 17st 11 so hoping to be done by May if I loose 2lb a week.
I’m on 4 products a day and now having 50ml milk in 1 tea and coffee during the day.
I feel so much better already but I can’t wait to see myself around Christmas 😃
So 10 weeks of this diet done. Weigh day and I’m 1lb down taking me to 27lbs. I am crawling to 28lbs where I feel I should have been at 2 weeks ago which really is frustrating. Cambridge is an average of a stone a month and when you don’t hit those targets it’s expensive at £150-£170 fortnightly.
Now checking my inch loss, I have now lost more inches off my chest and hips this week so the weight is going it’s just not showing up on the scales.

So my choice is I stick with eating only the Cambridge packs - not the easiest when the scales don’t want to move much for a month ( this feels safe) or the next step up which is still 3 Cambridge meals and add a forth meal of 200 kcal of veg and protein from their specific food list. Real food! Maybe I need it. I’m also terrified of having real food after 10 weeks of having nothing off this plan. It’s only because I’ve never in my life been this motivated and focused but perhaps this is a test to myself to see how I go introducing food back in.
I think at 12 weeks you have to step up to this plan for a week anyway.

At least I’m thinking about it and not just grabbing something off plan. But it’s driving me loopy but passing this 2 stone mark.

Need to up my water
💦 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
If you’re still feeling motivated maybe go hard on just products for another 2 weeks as a last hurrah and then cut down and do maintenanc. You’ve done awesome so far
Hi @Sparkling water. Fantastic, so glad you’re here. You’ve done so well. 25lbs in such a short time is incredible. I’m chuffed with the 28lbs. I def found that having step 2 here and there this week has helped. I have another 2.5- 3 stone to go so I won’t be doing maintenance for a while yet. Happy on mostly 1b 4 products with step 2 when needed.

I haven’t ordered the crisps this time as I think that’s what’s slowed me down. We’ll see 😂
@Visualizing well done for getting your 2 stone! My weight losses have been:

W1: -5lbs
W2: -4lbs
W3: -3lbs
W4: -3lbs
W5: -2lbs

I was so happy to get a stone off. Been feeling a bit like it’s Groundhog Day this week so have come back on here to get motivated! I’m so pleased with how I’ve done. Had a very minor slip up a couple of weeks ago where I was at an event and ate a veggie sausage as had nowhere to make my pack! Was all ok though and tried not to beat myself up too much!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! ❤️
Hi @boppy123 great to see you. Wow you’re at 17lbs off that’s brilliant 🤩 huge well done and that’s even with a tiny blip. We’re human. Sometime these things happen.

I’m 2 lbs in total down this week. So 29lbs off now. 1lb into my 3rd stone.

I munch ice pops I make with the water flavourings most nights to stop me snacking.

I’ve avoided eating at all occasions this summer. My daughters birthday is coming up. I can handle the party food as I’ll be sorting everyone else out. However her family birthday dinner choice is Indian. My usual is chicken Dansak, mushroom rice and extras. So I can either bring my tikka rice cam bring meal ready made up or I could order chicken tikka( dry) and vegetables and have a normal meal. It’s next weekend so I have time to decide. I don’t want to undo my work. Not in the mood to be up and down on the scales lol
Had all my packs and extra tuna tonight. Needed it and I’m ok with this. Need to stick with 1b and 2 Monday to Saturday tho this week with dinner out on Sunday. I can still eat out on step 2 it’s just being as sensible as possible.
I’m seeing a lot of people tomorrow I haven’t seen in a couple of months. I wonder will anyone notice the weight loss. Bet I get some funny looks hahaha
Ooh I definitely had more confidence yesterday. I’m a chatty person anyway but I felt good about myself this time. No one said a word about my weight which is funny because I think sometimes people can be afraid to mention it incase there’s something wrong.
I feel a million times better about myself having lost weight this summer. Such a massive relief. I can’t wait to lose this third stone and see what a difference it makes to my body shape. I’m really appreciating the journey this time around.

I think because I feel happy it shows on the outside.

Need more water 💦 can’t work and drink at the same time. Ahhhhhh
Hi Visualizing, thanks for starting this and well done to everyone on your losses.
A little on me....mid 40s started CWP on Sept 4th at 3 stone more than pre lockdown weight.
I tried most of the products over the last 11 days to see what I liked/disliked.
Found I absolutely hate the thai green curry noodles and the peanut bars (thought I would love!)
I like the porridge for breakfast as its filling...veg soup for lunch...spag bol for dinner and a bar in the eve. Ive got mainly these products this week.
Still having 3/4 tea with a tiny drop of milk.
Weigh in 1 this morning and down 11lbs! Im thrilled.
Best of luck to everyone on the week ahead.
Wow @Beachbody2024 that’s a huge loss. Amazing work. Well done and lovely to meet up.

I’m still loving this plan and noticing differences daily. It’s the best feeling to be back in smaller clothes I’d forgotten I had. Buzzing with energy too.

Porridge. Love these. Golden syrup, berries & apple cinnamon.
Favourite meals - spag Bol, Mac cheese,pasta pesto and chicken noodle soup.
Bars- fruit nut, cookie, orange choc.

I make up ice pops with the water flavourings for night time to snack on and the veg water as soup stops me munching. I found the veg hot water really helped in the early days when family were having yummy dinners I’d have my giant cup of veg soup.

I have a splash of milk in my coffee if I fancy it but happy to have it black too.

I have a challenge thread x days till Christmas Eve in challenge section. Come join us there too. Determined to have this weight off my then.

Keep going lovely. You’re doing brilliantly xx
Hi Cambridge Dieters 🩷

I am looking to start a new 1-1 Cambridge chat to support each other all the way from losing to maintaining. A stone a month is the average and it’s really exciting when we start to see the results. I’d forgotten! It’s so much easier now with a phone consultation, a consultant who’s there however much or little you need them, I weigh myself which I prefer and far more product choice than we had years ago 💫

I had huge success with this plan before children 14 years ago (used this forum a lot). Moving forward having the usual battles with yo-yo dieting on and off, I took the plunge and started Cambridge 6.5 weeks ago and I am loving it. For some reason my head seems to be in the right place and I’m being stubborn and sticking religiously to plan (1B - my choice to have 4 products). This is regardless of celebration meals, holidays, friends meals out etc. I don’t want to faff, I just want to get the weight off and then learn to move up the plans properly which I didn’t do previously.

Last weigh-in was Saturday 6 weeks and I’m on track with a 21lbs drop (had been away 5 days and took my packs with me). My initial goal is 4 & half stone although healthy BMI says 5 stone. I’ll decide when I get there. I started mid June so by mid November I may have the 5 stone off which is mind blowing to me.

I am determined now at mid 40’s to get healthy and stop being so exhausted all the time. I feel absolutely amazing this last 6 weeks - so much energy and not hiding from being photographed at last. I only had day 2 of brief headache and that was it. No hunger at all….. I’m shocked. It’s brilliant.

I am a really busy working Mum with a full time career where I need to be super confident and 2 daughters who are also non stop with their activities keeping me on the go always.

I would love if anyone is having a read to hop on, say hi and share your story. If we can share our journey together, take time to appreciate what we are achieving, lift each other up and celebrate that would be wonderful.

Good luck to everyone xx

•I can’t wait to enjoy fashion again. To go clothes shopping with my daughters and have a choice of what I buy.
At 9 weeks this is already starting to happen 🥳
•My skin & hair improved within days of starting. At 9 weeks I’ve had a compliment about how lovely my skin is. I have never had this before.
•My eyes are brighter.
•I sleep through the night and wake up alert.
At 9 weeks, I’m so used to good sleep now that I’d forgotten how bad my sleep was before.
•I have loads of energy and feel happy. At 9 weeks this has increased. I feel so good.
•People started to compliment me which hasn’t happened in years. At 9 weeks people are noticing my hair, skin & clothes. Close family see the weight loss.
•I’m really appreciating the weight loss journey this time having carried around 4-5 extra stone for a few years and hating it.
•I am looking forward to Christmas where I am going to be at my goal weight and feeling fabulous.
How is it going!! I know its been a while but yes how is your diet? Reached your goal yet? Would love to hear it all!!