New (cheap) clothes


I am thinking about a bit of a shopping expedition this weekend to see if I can find some cheap clothes to take me through the next couple of weeks. Ok - so I don't really really need them... I just want them. I have heard people say that Primark is ok but never bought clothes from there in the past because my ass was way too big (still is probably but is going the right way so far!).

Any thoughts? How big do the sizes go? Any other places you reckon on? Anywhere other than Evans!!!!!
Well I don't or never have found anything I liked in Evans:)

Anne Harvey while a little bit more expensive I found the quality much better.

Some of the best buys have been jeans in Tesco's, they had lovely stretch jeans that were really cheap but O so comfortable to wear. They were 9 euro here and I believe less the £5 or around that in the UK...I bought them in every size 18, 16, 12 and 10 excerpt size 14. Could not put my hands on that size, so when I saw more expensive ones reduced in the sale I bought them in anticipation.

Still in size 16 jeans:(

I think those stretch jeans go up to a size 22!

I have not bought anything in primark as I have always found their clothes small fitting so don't know?

I buy mostly in Dunne's Stores, can't say they are that cheap, but wash well.:rolleyes:

I bought a lot of clothes in Next, M & S and in the sales as I was planning ahead. Actually have to confess since I lost six stone I do tend to buy clothes any time I see something I fancy as it is great not to be confined to the fat shops.:D

Mind you I have not got into the majority of them as yet:eek: :(

I came down faster through the sizes at the start, well that is the way it seemed looking back now.

Love Mini xxx
What size are you?

Next have brought out a range to challenge Primark - it's called Next Lime - they are in the bigger outlet type stores.

Primark sizing is quite small - I bought from there last week and it is hit and miss, some things fit and others don't.

Asda is also good and nice and cheap but again their sizes tend to be a bit on the small side with somethings fitting and others not.

There is also Matalan but not tried them yet.

Enjoy your shop.
Hi Mac79

Yes, it really depends on your size. Do you ever go to Freeport in Braintree? They have a Next outlet there I got jeans for £7 a pair. They also have Mexx and M&S and there is a shop I think it's called atmosphere that has larger sizes but not quite such good bargains. M&S has larger sizes too, Next I think goes to 20, and Mexx is 18 I think but the larger sizes are harder to find. It's a nice day out there though.

Dizzy x
Hi Gemma,
It really does all depend on what sizes you are looking for and how cheap you want to go. New Look is fairly cheap and goes up to a size 24 or 26. Etams the same in some brances. Peacocks goes up to a 24 and is very cheap but the stuff won't last that long ! Bonn Marche goes up to 24 and isn't bad value. Asda is nice and cheap and the 24's buried me when I was much bigger than that ! have fun looking, Melissa
I agree that Primark sizing comes up a bit on the small side, but it's so cheap it's worth a look for sizes on the way down! I also think Peacocks is worth a try, their sizing is a bit random though, so it's best to try things on if you want stuff to wear right now. Matalan only do Rogers and Rogers in larger sizes, their own range goes to a 20 and is pretty good for standard sizing.