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New Clothes needed - do u buy as you go along or wait?

I just went to change for night shift and none of my trousers fit me! I literally can pull them down without undoing them :D

Iv'e been getting away with belts and pins for the last couple of weeks, but now all this spare material hangs down the front of my thighs and beneath my bottom as well!

What do people do as they shrink, wait till they get to goal, or go shopping throughout the process?

S x
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................charity shops. I know a lot of people will recoil in horror but I have found some really good quality stuff. I honestly can say I have got all of my winter wardrobe this year from charity shops & e-bay and if it only fits me for 5 minutes but theres no real damage done. xx
Ebay, charity shops, cheaper shops like new look do trousers for £10 :) Don't forget supermarkets have huge amount of clothes in now!

Not that I have moved down yet lol!
Sainsbury's & Asda are the best for a quick cheap & cheerful shop - they sell bigger sizes & a combi of work & leisure wear (am I sounding like an advert!) - I am going shopping on the weekend as I also am running out of things to wear - but will only get a couple of things. Luckily my sister who is a bit bigger than me has just started a diet as well _Atkins_ so she is going to have some of my clothes which will help her as she loses, and I may try to see if some of my daughter's clothes fit me in a few weeks - they will be too big for her cos she is on a diet as well... we are officially the diet family at the moment! My OH has is in his first week of exante as well - just my son eating on behalf of us all! lol.


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it must be such a cool feeling (other than the shear fear of your trousers falling down at any mo).
I can't wait for I time when I have an excuse for some retail therapy and rummaging around my shed for the suitcases full of my old wardrobe...it's probably totally moth eaten by now...oh well another excuse to hit the shops!
Unfortunately i have a wardrobe that varies from a size 14 to a 22!!! I have clothes in different size boxes so i just move up or down a box depending on how chubby i am..... i am a shopaholic though... my dh despairs!!!

Welldone on getting to the point where your trousers fall down!! Must feel pretty good xxx
I did have alot of clothes put away that I couldn't fit any more, but mainly bottom halves, so I've had to buy a few tops as I've gone along - Primark, Supermarkets and eBay for me until I get to target, then the good stuff!!!


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...............as I am moving down the sizes I am getting rid of all of my too big things. I do not intend to have the security blanket of larger size clothes anymore. I have done that and all it means is if you put on a bit of weight you have the clothes ready & waiting to move into, whereas if you had to go out and buy bigger sizes it might make you stop before too much damage is done..........well that's the plan anyway!!!!
Thanks for the tips :D I went to peacocks and got some jeans and a top for £14 as they had 20% off this weekend. I also bought 2 tops for £10 in the M&S sale.

All the clothes were size 14 instead of the 18 I was wearing pre- diet. :D

I really wanted some new linen trousers for work but M&S only sell them in the summer so was out of luck and still don't have any work trousers so will have to keep using the belts and safety pins until I can get out again! I will try the charity shops next weekend for sure :)

S x
Thanks Miss Biker, :character00201:

The problem with Next is that their trousers are so low waisted and I prefer them to sit on my waist (handy to tuck the tummy in!!)

It might be as I get to have less of a tummy that I will be happy with the hipsters, but at the mo I prefer the Simon Cowell look!

Next also make sleeves too tight, and the bust too high so my boobies don't fit into the assigned areas!! Or maybe I have droopy boobs! :eek:

I've seen some trousers on e bay that I like so I've put a couple of bids in :)

S x
I bought a few pairs of linen trousers from Next during the summer and am wearing the smaller size I bought now and to be honest the waist is high and fits around your waist rather than them being low - give them a try.
Thanks for the tip katie, I love linen clothes (but not ironing them) and want something smartish for work, so I may go on down there soon.
I have a whole pile of different sized clothing knocking around, lots in unopened packets - bought for when I get thin which i never quite achieved so as I drop down sizes I will have plenty to keep me clothed for some time to come.
I like the charity shop Idea but when your a whopper like me Chazzas dont have anything to fit - once at goal I will be in there though as for some unknown reason I adore burmo clothing (you know the 'life on mars look' and always wanted to be able to pull the look off, which you cant do with a belly :(
I actually bought a Velvet Jacket (burgundy) from a shop in Chester which was around about the same time Kula shaker came out it was a bit small and I always wanted to wear it but never could.
Im determined to get into that flipping jacket after something like 14 years :D
When I get into it Ill post the pics, take at least a year though as I am 26 stone and need to be about 12-13 to stand a chance haha
Hi Lindopski,

I'm sure you will get there and the pleasure that you will get from wearing that jacket and then hunting out all of the designer labels in the charity shops will make it all worthwhile. I am absolutely sold on the charity shop route and the bargains I have found are amazing. Keep going and all the best. xx
I'm like you Lindopski in having loads in different sizes - the last time I really did (and stuck to) a vlcd I lost stones and I've got loads of gorgeous never worn clothes in a size 14/16 and I so can't wait to wear them.

Re your jacket - you may get there quicker than you think if you stick to the diet, men (sadly for us women) lose weight so much quicker than women so it might not take that long!
Thanks Katie, I'll go and try those Next trousers :)
When I started VLCD at the beginning of August I had 3 big bags of clothes I couldn't get into, arranged in sizes with the smallest at the bottom of bag 3. Well, this week there are only 4 items left in bag 3!!!!!! The rest is now either too big (off to charity shop and eBay) or being worn with a big smile!
To everyone starting out and wondering if you really will get into those tiny items - YOU WILL!!!!! :D

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