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New, confused and searching

Hi there,
New to this forum, not new to dieting.

I've been a big girl all my life but I am at an all time high, or low depending on how you'd look at it. I weigh around 150kg at 1.79mrt. Morbidly obese, yes I know. Luckily I encounter many MANY people daily who remind me just how big I am.

I have been searching exactly how to get started. I purchased some home exercise equipment but after a good start I injured myself greatly. I need to start off slow this time as I am just to heavy to do mainstream exercise. A walk from my car to my desk gets me out of breath, stairs? don't get me started.

I need to fix this and I need to fix this now. I've been searching the internet for exercise tips, but people and places are just not focused or suitable for the truly large people.

My diet is a different story. Not only am I a lacto- vegetarian (no eggs either), due to religious reason of my husband I do not eat onion or garlic. This restricts my diet greatly and I am not able to find a dietician who can look into my food habits and actually give me advise. So far I've been to 4, including a slimming club and been turned away after a while.

I just refuse to has surgery. Surely I can fix this? I've done the slimfast way before, lost a whopping 40 kilograms, but I gained 50 in de years after. I don't need a quick fix, I need something that will last me a lifetime.

Anyone have any tips? Books I can read?
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Call me Nicky xx
Hi, welcome to Minis, good luck on your weightloss journey. Have you looked into Total food replacement (TFR) diets like Cambridge Diet or Lighterlife. This would definately give you a weightloss but you would probably need the signature of your doctor due to your BMI. I would definately advise resarching before you commence any sort of TFR diet incase they are not for you. I cant suggest any books as I am milling around with Slimming World at the moment. good luck xx
Hi 30flirty,

Cambridge, Lighter life and slimfast are basically the same. I don't want to do that any more. I lost a lot of weight, but I learned nothing about food or exercise. Specially exercise as I was just to tired to do anything. I am looking for a multi-year plan and not a quick fix.

What I did hasn't worked so I need to find something that will stick with me and work.


Call me Nicky xx
ok thats fair enough. well o.k exercise then, I was so unfit its unbelievable. I started by walking 10 minutes a day, every day. Then after a couple of days upped it to 15mins, then 20. I can now walk for 45minutes comfortably. Walking is free, easy to do and improving the cardio functions such as improving the heart and lungs. That will be a great start for you.


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I think the only thing I can suggest is Slimming World or Weight Watchers as you can formulate your own menus withing the broader boundaries of the plan. Welcome to the forum, whatever you decide to do you will get all the support and encouragement you need on here x
Hi Taz,
I hope so. I need support.
I've been to a slimming club and I was gently removed as they just did not know what to do with me. It's just horrible that with all the stimulation to loose weight no one really knows how to help the ones that seriously need help.
I am so unfit its not funny anymore and I am not willing to eat fish just to accommodate a lazy dietician.

Most reccomendations I get is go for a walk, but the problem is I can't I can do it for a short while and then the aching in my joints is just so greatly I can't keep up. No pain no gain, people say then, but there is a difference between muscle and joint pain and I don't want to damage my body anymore then I've done in the past years.
Hi there,

I really reccomend you go and read this website: The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl Go to the Archives and read the start of her story 8 years ago when she was 25lbs. She did it with lots of veggies and exercise -- started just by walking and then the gym. It really will inspire you to start, no matter how small.

Because of you diet restrictions, maybe look for a book called Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Low Carb Diet on amazon. Low carbing is a very good way of losing weight.

Also look at Johnson UpDayDownDay Diet (JUDDD) google it for the web page. This is an excellent lifestyle change that is a very sustainable way of losing weight. You eat normally one day, and have shakes or low calorie day the next.

Hope these points give you some ideas.
Good luck
Really walking is the ONLY exercise for you at the moment. You must attempt it every day. Just go for shorter walks. Start with as little as you need -- 3minutes one way, and 3 minutes back. Just keep doing that every day until you feel you can add another minute. If your muslces ache stop and do some gentle stretches and go back. It will come. Walking and swimming, because the water is supporting all your joints, are the gentlest exercise you can get really.
Hi Frances,

I always asumed Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Low Carb Diet included egg. Most vegetarian diet plans do. I will order me a copy to check it out.

I always understood that low-carb was not as good for you.

I know swimming is very good, I used to do it as a teen.... frankly the thought of parading around a pool in my swimming suit (does it even fit?) makes me want to get a chocolate bar. I will never do that.


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Hi Irulan,


You did very well on Slimfast
40 kilograms, but I gained 50
Regaining weight happens easily after any diet especially where you have had rapid weight loss as it does take the head time to catch up with the body and get use the new slim you.

We all want to be able to eat healthy and keep our weight down for life. I believe that is the ultimate goal of everyone here.

I found it difficult to exercise myself at the beginning and what I have done is to do very gentle light exercise to start off with...stretch and light weights for about five to ten minutes a day along with going for a short walk...I mean short...and increase it slightly each time you do it.

I have a thigh master which I can use watching television...a couple of mintues a day is all it takes.

On days at the start when I did not feel like doing exercise I didn't as I believe you must enjoy it in order for it to be productive and you do need to listen to your body. If you feel pain you have over done it.

Like you I lost a lot of weight and gained most of it back on:cry:

I thought I was cured:)

I think most dieters eventually do come to this point in their lives when they face the fact that obesity can not be cured but only controlled and the way to do this is through eating less calories and finding the balance of healthy eating and exercise to keep our bodies in top performance.

I myself have gone back on a food replacement diet as I know this is the one that suits me and I think this is the secret to successful weight loss is to find what suits you and your lifestyle.

Recently in the last few weeks I have found with almost four stone off I have more energy and can do a lot more exercise without being out of breath and this just make me want to do more.

I dusted off my old bicycle yesterday and I was very nervous about getting back in the saddle as my last experience ten years ago was not very positive.

I really surprised myself how fit I was and after a few practise sessions I went out on the open road and did two miles:D

My plan for the future is to keep up my fitness and not to ever let it slide again and also when I have got to goal with my weight loss is to never go back to eating chocolate and sweet treats as this is my downfall...I have always ate healthy food and I love cooking so that side of things is not a problem but portion size is and that is what I will have to work hard at...

Look around and make yourself at home.

"If there is a will, there is a way."

Love Mini xxx
Not really no. After my first and only experience with a slimming club I was cured for life. It was awkward enough to go there and share my weight as it was being 'bullied' for being different.

Same with dieticians, I don't think I'll even give that a go. The last one just said try slim fast, I give up.

My diet is generally not that bad I think, I just tend to go overboard on bad foods. 1 square of chocolate is not enough, I need to eat a whole bar and I eat emotionally or when I am bored. You know, the usual stuff :)
Hi there

First of all welcome to Minimins. Id definitely recommend Weight Watchers, that way you can eat what suits you but keep within your points. You dont have to go to classes, you can buy books and the calculator online. I hate the whole classes thing and havent been to one at all, but it hasnt hindered my losses in any way

Hope you find something that suits you soon


Call me Nicky xx
how about starting with posting a food diary on here so others can suggest meal choices or see where you could make adjustments. I for one do this and alot of other people do too. It can be a useful tool and sometimes helps to write everything down you consume in a day. There is nothing wrong with having a chocolate bar as long as its accounted for in your diet. We will help you as much as possible but in the end it has to be your decision as to what advice you take up and what suits your own lifestyle. xx
That's a good idea. It will be odd to let everyone read what I am doing and how I am doing, but as it's not face to face perhaps it'll be ok. I'll give it a go!

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