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    Hi everyone!

    My name's Dan and I'm new to this forum - new to all of this really...
    It's dawned on me that I really need to lose weight, I don't know how much I weigh, I've yet to dare buy some scales so I have ordered some online :sigh:

    I'm 19, I live on my own, and I mainly eat for convenience (my diet consists on premade sandwiches and takeaways and it's making me feel awful!)

    However, I really think it's my time now, and it would be great to be involved in the minimins community whilst doing it.

    I'm not opting for any diet in particular, I'm planning to do Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays at the gym, and Tuesdays and Thursdays weight training at home with weekends off. Also there is a tasty, great looking lean meal plan for men on men's fitness Lean in four weeks meal plan | Men's Fitness UK

    So that's all from me right now, I'll be updating my weight when the scales arrive, nervous, but whatever the result (I'm thinking 15 stone, so naturally, it's going to be more than that), I'll embrace it and it won't matter because I'm finally going to do something about it!

    Hi everyone!
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  3. melissam89

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    Welcome and good luck :D
    I find keeping a food diary helps. I do slimming world and we're encouraged to fill 1/3 of our plate with salad, fruit or veg at every meal which personally I've upped to 1/2 the plate or more and it keeps me full for longer and snacking on fruit and veg during the day, lost 10lb in the first week. I always have a little treat at evening time, like a small bag of popcorn or Cadbury buttons. Stops me feeling deprived lol. Can't wait to see how well you get on :)
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