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Step 1 Sole Source + New day, new dawn and new me!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by splodge78, 23 April 2014 Social URL.

  1. splodge78

    splodge78 Member

    I've lost count how many times I've started this and never got past lunchtime and on the one occasion I did I didn't get past day 7 so this time this is it!!
    Have any of you found you start, fail, scoff and say you'll start the next day and then find you keep doing this and put even more weight on doing so?? I've put another stone on doing this crazy circle of events!!
    This time though I'm going to come on here and write it all down and see if this can keep me on track!
    I'm 35 and 5'9" weighing in at a hefty 19.5! I'm appalled at myself!! Now it's time to do something seriously about it!!

    Wish me luck!! Lol
    Here comes day 1!!!

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  3. splodge78

    splodge78 Member

    So far so good, shake one down and 2 glasses of water... :)
  4. splodge78

    splodge78 Member

    4 glasses now (2 litres) :)
  5. splodge78

    splodge78 Member

    5 glasses and two shakes :) feeling rather motivated! 2 shakes to go and 4/5 glasses to go :) just got to tackle dinner time and then I've cracked day 1 :D
  6. splodge78

    splodge78 Member

    I cracked day 1!!! Yay!! Now on to day 2. Just trying to play it one day at a time. I'm not thinking how far I've got to go (8.5st :( ) but looking back at how far I've come. That's my theory anyway.
    I've never been slim. The lightest I've ever been is 14.1 when I was 18 and that only lasted a week! Lol so I have no idea what I'll look like, how I'll feel and to be fair at the moment I'm guessing I'll feel a bit vulnerable as I've been hiding behind a fat coat all my life.
    I have to do this though as my eldest son (8) is beginning to follow in my footsteps and is quite chunky. I need to set an example of a healthy weight and healthy eating habits. Just got to get the weight off first!

    Ok day 2 here I come! :D
  7. gaylie1981

    gaylie1981 Well-Known Member

    Hi splodge

    Hope ur still doing well

    Gayle :)
  8. Sophiesophs

    Sophiesophs Well-Known Member

    Hi Splodge! How's it going? The first week is always the toughest...people say the first three days but with experience you can feel rotten for a while! I'm day six this morning and yesterday I was so tired I had to have an afternoon nap! You can do it! I've only ever lasted 3/4 weeks on this diet..that's when my losses stall to about 2lbs and then I talk myself into doing slimming world as in my head I can eat and lose 2lb a week on that also...so then I stop...do sw.....for about a month and then it all goes wrong again! Or I cheat on sw and then hubby says oh well...start again on Monday! So the weeks go past, I still keep eating rubbish and the weight still piles on! We can do this! Xx
  9. tor137

    tor137 Well-Known Member

    Keep up the good work , xx

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