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New Diary....New Start!!!

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

Well today was my first official WI since returning from my holiday & it's official 9lbs gain!!!!

As i knew today would be my first day back to SSing i decided to go out last night to an Ann summers party with my daughter at the local pub, free wine & free food not a good combination for someone wanting to loss weight :eek:. But hey, it was fun & i had a great evening, it was especially nice as i was out with my daughter (we don't spend enough time together as she is always with her boyfriend!) So the extra gain was well worth it!!!

In addition to my weight gain i have decided to set myself a brand new target & get to my lowest adult target ever!!! Going to a BMI of 23, with just under 2 stone to lose i want to reach this by christmas & i know if i stick to the plan i'll do it. That's why im doing this diary again to keep me on track....

Please feel free to read it & add any comments if you wish but as i say i'm doing this mainly to keep me on track & to write down my good times & my my bad.....xxxx
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I will get to goal .....
Good luck ... that 9lbs will be off in no time and you'll be on your way to your new goal ;)


Good luck! I loved your holiday photos, it gives me some consolation to see someone over 30 losing A LOT OF WEIGHT & looking good, your legs in your holiday pics had me green with envy!!!! I've lost 6 stone with another 6 to go & my thighs are REALLY saggy already even though I do a lot of walking. I won't even go into my tummy & arms!!!lol
Did you get anything from the party? I've found Ann Summers stuff to be a bit pricey, even though some of it is really nice.

Good luck with your new goal... I still think 8lbs is kool for a month away, your birthday... and ann summers party!!!!

Love Nas x
You will get to that target for Christmas easily!!!

You have done so well, just concentrate on looking forward and put everything else behind you!

Good luck and I look forward to reading your diary....the holiday pictures are amazing!!!

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
Thanx for you kind words & support!

Yes Voodoo i did buy something a very naughty school girl outfit.....lol i'm sure hubby will like it....lol

Just managed to finish my 2 litre of :tear_drop: & now sipping the third. I forgot how light headed you get when SSing so i taken some paracetamol to minimize the side effects of carb withdrawal, i done this last time & it really helped!

I'm feeling hungry at the moment but to be honest i think it's just physiological (sp) coz i'm not eating food again. I mist STOP THINKING ABOUT FOOD, then it'll past.....lol


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

Last night i very nearly messed up, i was craving a cheese sandwich but i manged to resist although extremely difficult. I ended up going to bed early so i didn't munch......

Oh g0d i forgot how hard this first stage can be?!###!!!#

But so far today i've been ok, guzzling down the water :tear_drop: :tear_drop:to keep the hungar at bay! Tonight is gonna be my hardest point as i return to work & on the wards there is always loads of biscuits & sweets given by the patients, i've always found it a struggle at work so this first few days back to SSing is gonna be quite difficult & i know my work collegues will be quizzing me to why i'm not eating again?!. But i will have to use all my will power to resist. Hey you never know there may not be any biccies or choc's on the ward as i haven't been there!!!.......lol ;)

Ooo Hun!

Don't give into those biscuits!!! Nasty, evil biscuits!!!
Well done for getting back on it and for not giving into the craving of cheese sandwich!!!

You will get back into the swing of things in not time at all!

Take care


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

Just a quick visit before i head off to bed, last night at work was very difficult, yes the choccies & biccies were about but i was very good & wasn't naughty...."i stayed away from the cookie jar"....lol :p What made it even more difficult was the ward was very quite for a change so it was a very very long shift, i'm more knackered after that shift than i am when it really busy (which is most of the time)

Came on line to look at some cars on autotrader, found 3 possibles but when i rang they had already been sold :mad:. It's now been 8 weeks without a car & it's driving me mad, i wasn't too bothered about it before my hols but now i'm back i really need to find one.....It's getting to cold to walk to & from work!!!

I'm really upset at the moment, i had some cd bar in my fridge left over from my hols & really fancied one, went to get the orange one one it was gone :eek: along with the others :eek:. There was only one left, so i know who has pinched the other ones.....My lovely son Marcus :mad:. I'll kick his ar*e when he get's home from work!!!!

Anyway so far so good, i survived day 2 & working on day 3, still glugging down the water :tear_drop: :tear_drop:, well my lovelies it's time i went off to bed & got some shut eye!!

Well done for not eating those evil biscuits!!!
We have the same thing at work...if it's not someone's birthday, meeting, a thankyou for a job well done, then it's because there's a Y in the weekday!!!

I try and avoid the kitchen, but I have to make my shakes in there!!!
I will not give in as I have masses of weight to loose....and neither will you (give in that is!)!!!

Kick Marcus's butt for eating your bars!!! Naughty boy!! Lol!!

Catch you later!


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

Been away for a few days as i've been extremely busy back at work on nights & there hasn't been any internet access :mad:.

Although i'm on day 7 i'm still NOT in ketosis & can't understand why? Also since returning from my holiday i've only poo'd once :eek:, my body is all mixed up at the moment & to top it all it TOTM :(...

Had my WI today & i'm very surprised that i have lost 6LBS :eek: :eek:, especially with the above factors!!!!

Popping down the town shortly to disscuss possibly joining a ladies gym!!!! Yes you read right ME exercising & joining a gym!!!! :eek: :eek::D. They keep ringing me to offer me a look around & offer me a discount if i join, so really it depends on what they have to offer??


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
I've had a really hectic day infact it's been so mad that i forgot to have my shakes :eek:, i had one this morning about 9am & that was it until now. i don't plan to stay up very late tonight i i've had two chocolate oranged shakes together. Managed to drink my water though, didn't forget that...lol

After 8/9 weeks i've finally got a car :) no more walking EVERYWHERE for me now!.....lol Mind you to be honest i've quite enjoyed it so maybe i'll continu to walk to work as it's only about 15 minutes from my home, the exercise will help!


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

At last...I'm finally in ketosis, i can't believe it's taken this long!!! Not been very good so far with the :tear_drop: today so i need to do a bit of catch up, not feeling hungry but i am feeling quite sicky:sign0137:, you know that kind of sicky when you haven't eaten for ages!!! Quite strange really!

Making a cottage pie for the family later so i must be strong as i love 'em.....yummy...lol

Back to work tonight, the next 12 night are gonna be dreadful coz my shift pattern is not very good, i'm working 9 nights out of the 12 gonna be dead by the end of it..... will try to get on line as much as possible but if there is no internet access at work again then it's gonna be really difficult!!!

Been enjoying driving about today in my car :character00182: getting use t the feel of it, the weather forcast says it's gonna be very cold tonight so i'm trying to decide if i should drive to work tonight or still walk as i said i would??? If it's just cold i'll probably walk but if it rains (don't think they've forcasted rain?) i'll drive.....


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
yipppeee.....Internet access, so pleased as i'm struggling. Lots of choc's about & my collegues are stuffing their faces.....lol Drinking loads of water 7 tellingmy collegues that i've gone off chocolate.....NOT!!! But they don't know that.


Gonna pop out for a fag in a mo that usually helps.....xxx

Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield
3 hours on & i've managed to 'stay away from the sweet tin' not feeling the urge to eat now....Yaaa!!!

Hope they all feel sick later.....lol (not really, they're a lovely bunch of girls)

Ward fairly quite tonight, although we do have one very poorly patient that is keeping us on our toes having his having his ob's done every half hour but remaining stable, thank goodness as he is only in his early thirties!


Fuzzys Angel

The Lovely James Hetfield

I'm finding it really hard today, although i'm in ketosis i'm soooo hungry. Just cooking dinner for the family for when they get home from work & the smell is tempting me, so far i've been able to resist but i'm finding it so difficult. Glugging down the :tear_drop: :tear_drop: :tear_drop: to try & fill me up but it's not working :(


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