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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers - Food Diaries' started by blonde_sue, 17 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Ok so went back to ww today (last time was last august!) And came in at 16 stone! :-(.

    Rejoined at start of 2011 at 15 stone 4 and got down to 13 stone 8 but then started to go up n down while still goin to meetins cus i wasnt really following it!

    So now im at my heavest ever :-( and really want to get to a healthy weight! I dont remember when i was last!

    I know ww works but just gotta stick with it this time!


    Red bull sugarfree 0
    Banana 0
    Coffee with a dash milk 0

    Irish pride sandwich bread ×2 4
    Denny ham ×2 1
    Low fat spread 1
    Zero point soup 0

    Mcvitaes breakfast oats biscuit ×2 3

    Topaz sfc sambo 12
    Mini eggs 6
    Diet coke 0
    Coffee 0

    Croisant 6
    Cheesy popcorn 4
    Orange 0

    Dailys 38/38
    Weeklies 0/49
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  3. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Morning luv,

    jus come across ur diary, ur food looks great!

    hope u have a great weekend, i look forward to followin ur journey ;)

  4. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Thanks hun!
    How long u been doin ww n how much u lost x x
  5. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Ended up havin 2 bags of the new special k crisps on day one so 5/49 weeklies

    Day 2

    Coffee 0
    0% fat toffee yogurt 1

    100g potato wedges 5
    Beef steak 8
    Ww mini magnum 3

    Walkers deep ridged 4

    Then drinks... :-(

    2 strawberry n banana daquari 8
    4 rasp n toffee daquari 20
    2 chocolate coladas 12
    1 raging bull (red bull n jagar) 5

    Would have been ok but then had a kebab :-(
    Donor kebab 36

    So 37/37 dailies and 69/49 weeklies.

    Gonna b good rest of week!!
  6. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Day 3
    So far...

    2 rashers 3
    2 bread 4
    Low fat spread 1

    Small popcorn 2
    Zero point soup 0
  7. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    I love strawberry darquris yum!
    Lol dnt worry too much about it I went over last week by about 12pp n lost 2lb :).
    I have been on it 16 weeks now! I have lost 16lb would have been more but I had a massive 7.5lb gain over christmas :( so working to get that off lol!
    I do love weight watchers though got my self some wine n chocolate for tonight perfect :) lol!

  8. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Thats an amazing loss hun!! Well done! U will ge that xmas weight off soon! X
  9. popnfresh

    popnfresh Full Member

    Hey lady popping in to subscribe!!
  10. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    o thanks luv! hope so gettin married in august im not foolish to believe everything i need 2 lose will b off by then but im hopin i will of lost a nice amount to notice!
  11. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Thanks hun x
  12. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Aww wow! U will lose a lot by then n ppl will defo notice!! X
  13. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Ok fell off the wagon first week n didnt go to wi but went bk last wens n put on 3lbs! Back to it since then n stayed within points so hopefully will c a loss in 3 days :) x
  14. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Its so easy done hun! If ur struggling come on here were always here!
    I find if I want a binge I make sure I point in with my dailies n weeklies but I mean I fell off 2 weeks over christmas n put 7.5lb on!
    Glad ur back on it this week I bet u do great hun
  15. popnfresh

    popnfresh Full Member

    Hey lady! I've not had a great two weeks put on a lb the week before last and STS last week, and this week is not going great so far! So we are in it together!

    main thing is your back on track x
    Last edited: 3 February 2013
  16. MrsLmc

    MrsLmc Gold Member

    Hey subscribing if you don't mind. Keep falling off the wagon and trying to regain my motivation. So effectively starting again. We're all in it together xx
  17. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Thanks hun!
    Ah sure christmas is a different story.. main thing ur back on track now x
  18. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Aww no hun that is so annoying especially when your good! Id say u will be down this week sometimes just takes a while to show x
  19. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    Thanks for subscribing :)
    Youve done amazing so far so u can defo do it hun! x
  20. blonde_sue

    blonde_sue Silver Member

    So happy was good this week for first time in ages and lost 7 pounds :) :) x
  21. sabs84uk

    sabs84uk Full Member

    Wow that's amazing! Well done! X

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