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New Dieter!

Hi guys. I started CD this morning. I went to the Councillor last night after eating a huge portion of fish and chips - boo hoo!
Had my fisrt shake at 10am and have a head ache already - is that normal?
I have such a long way to go. I weigh 13.10 and want to be 11 stone. I make that about 2.10 to lose initially! Ouch! I have a really important party on May 10th to go to and would love to have the cofidence to wear a dress- have I left it too late?
DOes anyone have any ideas how fast I will lose weight? How many pounds could I lose in 2 weeks? HELP!
Does it get any easier?
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Hi,'ve only just tarted on Monday so cant help muchwith your questions but good luck! Look at someiof the girls tickers for their weekly weight loss, it's a good motivation xx
Thanks! I'm so glad my Councillor told me this site - some people are amazing. I hope I can do it.
I started CD a long time ago with a different councillor and she let me down.
My boyfriend is so against me doing this, it's the only thing motivating me to keep going. I have a point to prove!!!
I'm so fed up of being the fattest person in my friendship circle and everybody going on holiday with each other. I worry that I hold my boyfriend and myslef back because of my fat low self esteem. ANyone feel the same?
I can sympathise with that, I feel the same. Since having my baby boy I can't shift the weight. I refuse to go certain places cos I hate how I look especially if I need to wear a nice outfit. I am determined to get this weight shifted for my holiday in August which is my ultimate goal.
Do you have a goal? xx
You will be amazed at how fast you lose weight. I'd think you would lose at least half a stone in two weeks. Stick with it - the headache will go and in 2 - 3 days you will feel FANTASTIC!
My goal is to get half a stone off in two weeks.
I need to get 2 stone 10 off to get to 11 stone. Ideally, I would lie to be 10 to 10 and a helf stone for August - is that unrealistic?
Not at all, my overall goal is to lose 3 stone by August 31st xx
My CDC told me to drink 4 litres of water a day, in addition to the shakes and tea - is that too much? SOme people are saying 2.5??!!!
I think it's at least 2.5 ltrs of water but you should try to srink as much as possible

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