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Discussion in 'Dukan Diet' started by kellmo, 9 February 2013.

  1. kellmo

    kellmo Well-Known Member

    Hi, I got this in Lidl today. I know it's not strictly dukan friendly with it being salt but I'll use it regularly (I have low blood pressure and actually feel ill I I don't have salt in my diet)....


    Jamie Oliver

    It's delicious!
  2. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Well-Known Member

    Don't tell anyone but I still have salt with everything .... ! ;)

    P x
  3. GrumpyWino

    GrumpyWino Well-Known Member

  4. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Well-Known Member

    Ooo thats looks nice. i use salt on all eggy things....a habit i find hard to break cos the eggs just taste so blugghhh otherwise.

    I bought a new mustard in aldi the other day, Wholegrain Mustard with chilli...and one with Garlic. Very tasty.
  5. Zoesastar

    Zoesastar Well-Known Member

    We wouldnt be able to exercise the way we do without salt
  6. sididd

    sididd Well-Known Member

    SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I never gave up salt either :crazy::crazy::crazy:
  7. FinallyMotivated

    FinallyMotivated Well-Known Member

    I'm glad it's not just me lol!!
  8. kellmo

    kellmo Well-Known Member

    I craved it when I was pregnant with Halle (she's 5 in may!) and I have never given it up. Genuinely LOVE it but if my blood pressure/health suffers I'll cut down (not out!)
  9. chinababe

    chinababe Well-Known Member

    Shhsh keep it a secret & don't let the salt police know!!! xx
  10. Jelliebabe

    Jelliebabe Well-Known Member

    My name is Jellie- and I am a saltaholic..... :D
  11. kellmo

    kellmo Well-Known Member

    Welcome Jellie.
  12. dukannotsofatty

    dukannotsofatty Well-Known Member

    Its been three and a half hours since my last shake.....with herbs and garlic LOL

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