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new girl on the block


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Hi there. I have been dieting for years on and off now. and i have tried most diets. I have decided i really need to do something and stick to it. fed up with feeling a failure every time i give up or have a bad day

I have a really unhealthy attitude to food. and need to change my way of thinking.

I am going to give ww a go again, as i need to be focused and change my ways, i feel ww will make me do this. I go to class tue night .

i hope i can give you lots of support while on my journey

lynda (plonks) xx
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miss bee

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hi plonks.i'm new too.been battling on and off for many years.my attitude to food is terrible!i so want to change it,once and for all.i am really hoping that having other people to talk to who understand what a struggle it can be,will help.at the moment i am feeling very motivated(long may it last,ha ha!)and inspired by so many of the people on here.i can do this!so can you!i know it doesent sound a lot,but today apart from keeping to my recent healthier eating,i'm deliberately dragging my kids out for a two mile walk.hope it will be the first of many!good luck with your class later.:)
yes we can! your head is there, and the body will follow :) I am a yoyo dieter too and this time i want to smash the weight...so far I lost half stone in a week and have put it all back on again the following week, grrr!

ButI won't be deterred, and neither should you be. Don't be too hard on yourself...you came onto the forum and like me, and all of us i guess, that means you are ready to lose the weight and just need some encouragement.

Go for it! xx

miss bee

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hi again.well,i went for my walk yesterday.it was really nice,lots of chatter with kids,and a nice breeze so did'nt get too hot.and although i had a bit of a cough when we'd got where we were going,i really did'nt feel as worn out as i thought i would have(i feel just sooo unhealthy at the moment!)but true to form,i ate well all day(coffee for brekkie,eggs and tomato on toast for lunch,and quorn burger,rustic chips and carrots for dinner,with a mini twister for pudding)but once the kids were in bed,and i was relaxed in front of big bro,for no good reason,i ate cheese on toast,yoghurt,a bowl of nut clusters and another three mini twisters!!!:sigh:it's nothing compared to what i was binging on a couple of months ago,but still the same old thing,it's like a switch turns off in my head,no matter how positive a day i've had and i just stop thinking rationally,and all of a sudden i'm feeling really full and uncomfortable,i go to sleep feeling crappy and feel even worse when i wake up in the morning!and then it all starts over again!today will be different,right?:rolleyes:how you guys doing?better than me i hope!oh and sorry plonks,i got mixed up about your class,good luck for tue.:)


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miss bee, i know just were you coming from. My hope is that everyday it will get less and less of eating the extras we dont need. like you said , its not what we used to have right ;)

keep going hun, so looking forward to this journey together :)


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Hello and welcome - Just wanted to wish you luck on your weight loss journey! Good luck!


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thank you everyone, I think i going to be here alot ;)
Join the club - i only leave to go to sleep!! ROFL!!


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Good luck with your weightloss
Definitely feel what you say about changing the way you think. Nearly all, in fact scratch that; ALL of my overeating is psychological. Done pretty well with hypnotherapy tapes and reading and understanding exactly how to behave around food so that's changed my mindset somewhat.

Not sure if WW spends any time focussing on the emotional triggers or not?
Good luck either way :)


miss bee

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morning all.how's it going?i did'nt do much activity wise yesterday,a bit of swingball in the garden with my boy,and i decided it would be a good idea to run(well,i should say,walk quickly,ha ha!)up and down the stairs a few times.as for food,i'm feeling quite pleased this morning,'cos i did'nt over-do it for once.yay!!!how you doing plonks?hope all is well.:)


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And good luck on your weight loss !!:D
HI its Irish eyes and god do I relate to all these posts, we all have the deep desire to be our slimmest and healtiest and can often last the day sticking to point like glue and writing our points ,I bought a pretty pink note book and matching pen and started the page with the date and start weight that many times its not even funny. As soon as I gained a lb I ripped out all previous pages pretending that this was now my start date rather than admit I had failed, Can anyone relate?So now Im changing that (as I kept running out of notebooks) and I will promise to record good and bad (and even the ugly) and keep honest and when I watch Big Brother I will suck on a carrot or as Josie does (my thumb) and Miss Bee you can do it too and we will know that we are watching it for the next five weeks and that is a possible 10 lb we could lose (or gain) its up to us... maria x

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