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  1. sukiwoo

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    Hi everyone!
    After some stumbeling around the tinterweb yesterday i came across this site and WOW!! its is fantastic! There is so much useful information on here! I love it! So thank you!!
    Ok, so i have started CD yesterday, my god do i feel pants! Im on the packs a day and so far have stuck to it so im chuffed! only early days i know but if i can resist a bacon sandwich when i was so hungry i could cry then i think im going to be ok! The thing is that i am feeling quite poorly, such a bad head and bit of a dodgy tummy. Is this normal? Also, I have type 2 diabetes, is the CD ok for this? i only ask as by blood sugar is quite high today, i dont usually check all the time but as im feeling not too great i thought i would.
    Im sorry i have babbled on quite abit but i think im just after abit of reassurance that this will pass and it really is ok to do CD if you are type 2 diabetic.:confused::eek:

    Oh, i drank 2 3/4 litres of water yesterday also!;)

    Thank you

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    Hi Sukiwoo and welcome to minimins :wavey: There are some strict guidelines to follow when diabetic. I'm not an expert on this, so I'll pm Linda who can give you the best advice on this.
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    Did your CDC not discuss you having diabetes with you? They should have got you to fill in a form about your health first and discussed it.

    The first few days are always the hardest but if you get through those it does get earier, I promise! If your hungry drink more water. Good luck xx
  5. Woxywoo

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    Hello sukiwoo and welcome to minimins.

    In the first few days when you find the diet a struggle I'd advise you come onto this forum as just reading all of the inspirational posts may just keep you on track, it has done for me so far and I'm on day 3 now.
    Good luck with the diet, once you're through the first few days you will start to feel better I promise!!! x
  6. CW Consultant

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    Hi Sukiwoo

    Has your CDC discussed this fully with you and has your GP signed your Medical Record Form?

    Are you on any medication.

    There are different protocols and rules to follow to other dieters.
  7. sukiwoo

    sukiwoo New Member

    Im not on any medication, i used to have metformin but was told i no longer needed this. I had previously asked my gp if i could do CD and he said no. He is against any other form of weight loss programmes apart from eat less and do more. I work with nurses and a consultant who have agreed to monitor my bloods and bp etc. As i said my blood sugars have been kept in controll for over 6 months now with diet. I was only ever borderline type 2, the metformin was given more to help with PCOS.
    So i guess long story short i didnt tell my CDC about it as i know my GP wont let me do it, not because of any reason other than he doesnt agree with these type of diets. I am just so desperate to loose weight and have tried WW, SW and eating healthy i feel this is my only option. I did get that xenical from boots but my gp made such a fuss, even phoned boots head office to complain about the set up etc! He is a really good GP otherwise so i dont want to change. I just dont want to make myself ill or make my diabetes become unstable again so thats why ive asked the question.
    Some of you may think i am silly for doing this but as i said i do not know what else to do and feel so detirmind to stick to this as i have seen it work for so many people.:(

  8. CW Consultant

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    It is important that you let your CDC know otherwise he/she cannot advise you properly.

    As a diabetic your GP must be involved and the medical record form must be signed off. Without this your CDC cannot supply you with any diet. He/she is currently supplying you with diet without knowing the risks that could be present.

    Under NICE guidance it is patient's choice which diet they follow, if your GP, after being supplied with all the relevant information is still reluctant to sign, your CDC could ask our HO to intevene on your behalf.

    Please be honest with your CDC and let him/her help you to safely achieve your weightloss.
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