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New goals


Tequila makes miaow happy
Some of you will have read my post about the scales being stuck. They still are! Well, I think it cant go on forever, so I have set myself some new goals. The first is not to get weighed until Good Friday, as I am hoping that in 3 weeks time there will have been a definite movement. I cant imagine how I will feel if there hasnt been.
The second of these is to lose another inch off my hips to make me a standard size 18 according to the debenhams sizing guide.
I am sticking like glue to the plan - shakes, soups and bars, and lots of water. Even given up the odd diet coke (which never affected the ketosis when I was losing well but who knows)
Anybody got any ideas what else I can do?

PLEEEESE someone tell me that in 3 weeks I will hav lost - I know physically I must do on these calories, but I have been stuck at least that long. Is my body doing a mega readjustment?

Please help!
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Tequila makes miaow happy
About 3 or 4 weeks - I keep losing and regaining the same pound or so. I feel thinner, but my weight and meaurements are not refelcting it, although I may be a bit thinner in places you cant measure, like collarbones


MUST get a grip
You poor thing - I know that I was worried about my scales stalling for 12 days... There was a lady on here who's scales were stuck for 2 weeks, on her 3rd week WI she lost 9lbs... She was SS'ing or 790'ing I think...
The facts are, and you wont need me to tell you this that if you are doing the diet correctly then you will be loosing fat - there is no way you cant be?????
Have you discussed this with your CDC?


Tequila makes miaow happy
My cdc has gone away, we discussed it about 3 weeks in and she said the same as you - it will move! I am just getting really paranoid now that it has completely stopped working, against the logical part of my brain that knows it cant have. CDC is back after easter, so if there is no move by then we need to have a serious chat - hope there is though - CD really felt like the last way forward for me.
I have reviewed what I have done in the last month, and I have had my packs every day, plus on three occassions a 790 type meal when I couldt avoid a work do. i have cut them out entirely and am just trying to up the water past 4 l


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi Dancing - i do quite a lot of walking as I dont drive - usually hit the 10 000 a day on workdays and twice that at weekends. I used to vivit the gym regulalry before I stated this diet, I am thinking of getting back into it to vary the kind of exercise - what do you think?


Tequila makes miaow happy
Thanks guys - i will try a few gentle gym workouts - perhaps my body needs to be shocked into getting going. I need to hold out until my weigh day as I think a visible loss of a few pound will really do me good mentally

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