New guy in town

Afternoon all,

I just wanted to say hi as I'm on my first full day of CD and thought that this looks like a friendly place with the right sort of people in it. (Aww...)

I was originally aiming to lose 5 or 6 stone but following my introductory meeting with the CDC it's looking more like 8 to achieve the waist I want so I'm drinking water like there's no tomorrow.

My fiancee has been on LL for 2 months and lost 2 and a half stone but decided to move to CD as it seems much easier to fit in with working life thanks to the Briks and the greater choice of flavours. As she was moving across anyway and as I knew I wanted to do something I thought it made sense to give it a go myself. Apart from squirting vegetable soup over myself today (Lesson 1 - Don't mix hot soup in a shaker) everything's going well. I've drunk 2.5 litres of water already and I'm sure there's room for some more somewhere in my left leg.

If I can achieve half as much as some of the inspirational people on here I'll be more than chuffed.

Hello and welcome Mike, and how cool that you and your fiancee are doing it together! :cool: Looking forward to hearing more of you journey :D
Hi Mike

You are the the right place (forum) and you also seem in the right place with your attitude. We are also a couple both using CD and really enjoying it (yes really!) both not too far off target now. Best of Luck to you both and hope we can help you out with advice sometime.

Dizzy x
Thanks D_Q,

I think it's going to be easier for both of us now that we're both consuming the same thing. I'm sure I'll be on here quite a bit so I hope to have something good to report from next week onwards.

Hi Dizzy,

It's really good to hear that other couples are doing this too. I'm hoping that we'll be able to keep each other strong and prove an inspiration to each other. I'm so proud of what she's achieved already and it's going to be so worthwhile in the end.
Welcome buddy!

Pull up a chair!!

Hi again Mike

You are spot on. I started first too and my husband decided he would try too after he saw me doing so well. He has done really well and has less than a stone to lose now. We will be glad to support you any way we can. Luckily for you I think men often lose even faster than us women. Dizzy
Hi Mike and welcome
Its so great that you are doing it together,I started in Jan and ny hubbie about 8 weeks later and it made it so much easer we supported each other.
Good luck to you both.
Hope to here lots of nice things from you
Just keep drinking the water
Good afternoon mike and welcome on board!!!

your bit about 'never mix packs with hot water' made me howl... how many times do you have to do that before ya learn eh!!! i'm guilty of doing that a couple of times :D :D :rolleyes:

hope your day 1 is going ok!!

Gen xx
Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great welcome. I get the feeling I'll be on here a lot in the coming months.

I do have one question, which I expect gets asked a lot...

Is there a way to mix the packs without a blender which results in no lumps?

I just made a Banana shake with a plastic-shaker-type-thing and it did pretty well (compared to the one my other half got from LL) but it was a little chewy in places. I'm sure if it's possible you guys will know how.

Incidentally, I had no problem with the soup. I'm guessing water temperature makes a difference.

i'lldoit -

I think the simple answer to that is when we can both wear what we want to get married in.

We've been engaged long enough now that waiting a bit longer while we slim down won't make a difference.. and just think how much better the photos will be :)
i'lldoit -

I think the simple answer to that is when we can both wear what we want to get married in.

We've been engaged long enough now that waiting a bit longer while we slim down won't make a difference.. and just think how much better the photos will be :)

yes you'll both look lovely and its great you have each other to lean partner is slim always has been so doesn't really understand but tries to support me.Keep us posted on 'The Date'
Hello Mike - nice to meet you, hun!!

Re the blending of shakes - 3 words -





Just don't get the base wet or it'll blow up your fuse box lol!
lol ain't that the true Isobel!!

I blew 3 of the buggers up.
Hi weasel, good luck to you and continuing luck to your betrothed!!

I should really go for it with the water , I am LLer and have bben on maintenace since end of may, we LLers do 4 ltrs a day, no sweat ,(literally as were all so cold!!)so get glugging!!!
we're gonna get confused on the Mike front though! lol so dont' worry if someone refers to mike and it's not you!
I'm a Jane and get the same thing! lol

Great news that you and your fiance are doing this together, i'm sure it'll help! it's a bit of a nightmare standing in a bakers with hubby and kids, or as with tonight the sweet shop! I could taste that Galaxy bar! lol but i didn't...

I'm sure it'll be easier for you not being tempted so much :)

Well done to your fiance for her losses so far too. You'll be catching up with her soon though i'm sure.

As for the hot water in the shaker.. i have a new 'gadget' in the for of a hand blender (asda £12.92 job..) and although it's not as strong as some, it's fab at not spilling when mixing (as it has a high sided cup) and can even mix it with hot water.
Admittedly i've not tried a soup yet (i've a sweet tooth) so not sure if they are lumpy or not.

Look forward to reading about your progress. :)