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New guy in town

Morning all,

Thanks for the various ideas for lump-free shakes whilst out and about. I think I might pop out later and see what I can find around here.

As far as the water goes, I felt pretty good yesterday. Managed 4 and a half litres, but I'm just glad my office is the closest to the loo....

Got stuck on the motorway on the way home too and found that it's really difficult to drive with your legs crossed.;)

One shake down today and another new flavour tried. Haven't found any I don't like yet, so that's encouraging.

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone, and as far as being another Mike, I've been putting up with that for years. My best mate is called Mike. Our friends differentiate us with me being "Big Mike" and the other "Little Mike". But with any luck they'll soon have to change it to "Tall Mike" and "Short Mike" :D
Hi Mike

Really good to hear from you this morning. I'm so glad you still have such a positive attitude, sounds like you are actually enjoying it ( we do too! ). I also enjoy the shakes and really look forward to them, not because of hunger just because I enjoy them. I think it's great there is so much choice and you cn have them hot or cold. Also one of the advantages of doing this as a couple is that as you need to buy more packs you can soon get quite a selection to choose from each day. I was ill the first day I did this but felt great there after, my husband felt pretty bad for a week, headache, achy etc but got over it and hasn't looked back. Hopefully you'll sail through but if you find it gets tough take painkillers, and early nights. Keep doing well with the water and whatever you do don't cheat (it makes it so much harder!). I know you have great support at home so am sure you are well prepared. Lovely to her from you Dizzy.
Hi Dizzy,

Thanks for that, I think my first day went pretty well. I didn't feel hungry until about a minute before I fell asleep last night but feel fine this morning. No aches anywhere yet but I'll keep an eye on the early nights. I've been sleeping a bit less recently just through going to bed late and getting up early for work but I might need to kerb that a bit as I get into the diet a bit more.

I'm determined that I won't cheat. I know that in an ideal world nobody would be surviving on liquid (and bars :) ) 24/7 so I'm just looking forward to the day I can sit there at a healthy weight with healthy "real" food in front of me and feel happy in myself. With a little bit of luck it might only be a year away so I'm going to stick to the rules like a traffic warden (sorry any traffic wardens ;) ).

Everyone who has gone to the effort of starting any of these diets and coming onto this site has it in them to achieve whatever it is they want to. It's just important to listen to the people who are going through it with you or have succeeded at it, rather than those who want to tell you that "it's a fad" or that you should simply get down the gym and sort yourself out. We all know it's not as simple as that, so I emplore anyone who's just starting like me or wavering a little way through - stick at it, if you keep strong you'll be where you want to be quicker but just as importantly if you do crack, get back on this site ASAP and talk to people about it. We're all in the same boat, and it's getting lighter. :D

Ramble over.

Disclaimer: The views above are mine and only mine. Unless something goes wrong, in which case - the big boys made me do it.

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