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New here but needed this

I am currently the heaviest I have ever been. 11 stone 10. I'm 5'6. I don't know if that's heavy or light compared to others here but it doesn't matter...I'm overweight.
The lightest I've been within memory was 10'03, aout 18 months ago. It took me around 2 months to go from 11'07 to 10'03 then. Not that I did it the healthy way. I purged, starved during weekends to allow for alcohol and over exercised at times.

I recently shot up from 11 stone (I was slowly going down) to 11 stone 10, when my Doctor told me to 'try not to put anymore weight on'. Not very sensitive considerig she is also treating me for depression related to self esteem, a la moment. It made me 'focused' on losing weight, but all focus does is make me starve and then binge.

I decided yesterday to draw up a chart. My aim is to lose 1 pound a week for 20 weeks. Meaning I will finish on 10'04. If at around 10'07 I am finding it very hard then I'll maintain that weight. I don't want to push myself to overeating when I get to a nice weight again.

The difference now is that I know if I am losing more than 2lbs a week (apart from the first 1-3 weeks) that I'm doing too much. If I lose more than 2lbs I shall have it in my mind that I need to eat more. I am also struggling at the moment with energy levels and having blood tests done shortly to find out what's wrong, so that will make exercise hard. I walk about an hour a day and I don't think I'll be able to increase that at this moment in time.

other info: I was vegan for 6 months but stopped due to nutritional problems. I hope to return to veganism when I go to uni next year.

I have been a veggie since I was 15.

START: 22nd October PM I weighed myself. I was 11'10. I used to weigh myself between 1-12 times a day (obsessive, hey) I can only weigh myself once a week now. And the scales at the Doctor's every 3 months are what matters. I want my BMI to be 25 or under, by my next trip.

23rd October: Woke up ill, not hungry. Missed college lessons due to feeling depressed and ill. Ate an apple at noon. Sandwich with small amount of cheese and lettuce for lunch. 4 small squares of chocolate at work. salad for dinner. lots of herbal tea.
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Good luck Melted, sounds like you're tackling the weight VERY sensibly - I know, to my cost, that slowly is the only way to go! I've lost just over 3lbs in my first 3 weeks which can be a bit soul-destroying but I know I can't maintain any overly-strict dieting!
Hope you find all the support you need on these boards, Good luck x
Had my first weigh in today. I was hoping to have lost 1-2lbs (1 really, but it's the first week and I know more weight was to be expected and natural really). I am very happy to have lost 4lbs. I'm not entirely sure how, I had a friend's 18th birthday on Friday which meant a lot of (only spirits, though) alcohol was consumed and also a meal on Sunday (although I didn't eat much).
After much debate I have also decided to return back to veganism, which means even more care over what I'm eating...in terms of nutritional value. Less so over fat content- it's hard to put on weight on a vegan diet, conveniently.

Anyway, I have 5lbs to go before my BMI is 25, I think, so that's the next milestone for 4/5 weeks time, hopefully.

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