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New here would like some advice


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Hi Everyone,

I am new here and not yet on Cambridge but wanted some advice. I started the diet last year at the end of September and stuck to it for about 6 weeks and lost a stone (well had a few cheats on the way). Anyway I gave up due to my birthday, xmas etc and have never been able to start again since. I weigh 13 stone and am a size 16 but am really really unhappy about my weight every night I go to bed wondering if I can ever do it and the next day I eat loads of rubbish!!

The main thing I am worried about is my social life not being able to drink and eat out but i have a holiday in 3 months with my best friend who is a size 8 so I suppose I need to find the motivation from somewhere!

What I would like to know from all you successful dieters is how can I do this and stick to it?

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Hi Ali, All I can say is do this for you, not anyone else, I was a sort of recluse for 4 months or so but all I kept thinking was life wont go away, but my weight will go away if I stick to it, a few short weeks out of your life to be who you want to be is worth it.

Head down and plough through and do not go off course.

Its hard, of course it is, but I did it, and the few short months that it took was worth it, I am a size 12 from a 22/24, I am healthier, and although losing weight doesnt automatically change your life, then it goes a heck of a long way to help!

You can do it Ali, for you x


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Hey Ali!!

Your experiences are what you make of them - you don't need your social life to suffer. I go out with my friends, go have lunch (well, they have lunch, I have coffee) and its fine, really not a problem once you get used to not eating. The thing is, its never really anyone else that has a problem with you not eating, its just you feel funny.

So.....my advice is, don't change anything. Go out, go for "meals", you don't need to drink to have a good time and if you do thats not really a good thing and you should work on sorting that out!

Good luck!
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Hey hun,

I would say if you are in the right place in your head to do the diet then go ahead and do it. I'm 21 and a lot of my life revolves around social do's which involve alcohol and/or food.

I have found that meals are best to avoid but that there is plenty of other stuff you can do instead. Learning to salsa is one I have enjoyed, as well as going to the cinema (no snacks of course), or going to the pub with friends and just drinking water.

As for nights out drinking, it isn't the same when you can't drink but I get around it by going out a bit later and leaving a bit earlier, and act as the designated driver. I still have loads of fun and dont feel dreadful the next morning.

Plus, I too am dieting to sort myself out for my summer holiday- and I think it will be totally worth it! So I say, do it- what have you got to lose.. except weight?!



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Ali!
I guess the only thing I could say to you, is that doing this is all in the mind! What I mean is that your success depends on your attitude! If you go out with friends, sit in a corner, face like a melted wellie, being a total mizog all night - then of course your friends will do almost anything to to drip feed a litre of vodka into your system. However, if you breeze into the room, smile on face, have a laugh and join in as you would do normally, then they won't give a jot that you're not eating or drinking with them! In fact, your TRUE friends will admire your discipline and encourage you to keep going! :)
I have always had a busy social/party life, and when I first did CD, I would stand with my pints of berry-water and got more of a buzz from the compliments than guzzling the usual amounts of Malibu and nibbles!
You can SOOOOOO do this! Your CDC should give you oodles of support and motivation, but please remember - you must believe in yourself before you believe what anyone else tells you! ;)
I wish you lots of luck and happy changing-room days to come! :bliss:

Lainey xxx


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S: 15st7lb C: 15st0lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 33.9 Loss: 0st7lb(3.23%)
Hi everyone,Thanks for the messages last night they have made me feel a million times better. I am going to contact me CD today to see if she will have me back. I really want to do this diet as I am 28 and don't want to be overweight for the rest of my life! I also have a fit and healthy 8 year old who puts me to shame. I have been looking at the site every since I started last year but I have to say when you post and get replies it's so supportive and makes you want to carry on!!Vicky - How long have you been at your target weight for? Did it take you long to lose and how do you maintain?Coley - Are you a CDC? I was reading an article in my mum's woman magazine yesterday and Coleen Nolan was in it she done LL and lost 3 stone, it said in the magazine though that the diet had been panned as one woman lost 10 stone in 6 months then died of heart failure? Also I was reading another mag last night and there was an article about size 0 and it was saying if you lose more than 1 - 2 pounds per week you start losing muscle instead of fat and that puts a strain on your heart, it also said if you done it long term it could cause heart failure? Sorry to be so paraniod but I just want to know how safe the diet is as I plan to follow it for 3 months.Wannabeslim - Thanks for the advice you are probable right I went out on Friday night and all day Saturday had vowed to never drink again!! Lainey - Thanks for your advice I have to say some of my friends were so supportive last time but some others were quite negative about the diet as I did suffer from IBS whilst on the diet are there any ways of combatting this?Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine, I am waiting for the doctor phone line to open at 0830 as my daughter is not to well really bad cough so want to get her checked over.xx

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