new here!!

hello everyone
joined WW on Saturday after desperately trying to squeeze into size 18 trousers and had to give up:(
so here I am,

weigh in Sat:16st 5lb
goal weight: 11st

so I am off to walk DS to playschool and then go swimming later!

how is everyone getting on?

Welcome to the boards!
I'm sure that with determination (and you sound cheesed off enough to be determined!) that you'll soon see the weight dropping off and will be in size 12s never mind the 18s!

Good luck! Keep us posted :)
Welcome counting down!

You have a busy day planned already!!!

Good luck on your weight loss journey!

Love Mini xxx
Have fun on Minimins and there seems to be quite a few weightwatchers around at the moment to keep you company and give advice.

The rest of us are all here for support and chit chat too.

Dizzy x
thanks girls
just in from swimming:)
anyone know how many points in a bottle of lucozade?
the standard bottle?
I have been really good with my points
Good luck with your journey CD.
Should imagine theres loads of points in lucozade though its full of glucose.
thanks for the quick replies!
wow i thought it would be about 5 points
okay, I confess I LOVE lucozade!!
so if I think I will have this as a treat on a Friday
if I am a good girl all week of course!
Welcome aboard, its great to have another WW person on board. Most of us have only restarted a couple of weeks ago, so were all pretty much at the same stage. :)