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new ideas for healthy extras?

i've heard that it would be better to mix them about and not have the same thing every morning (which i tend to do!) so i was hoping people had any ideas?

i use them for my breakfast and seem to always be having...
2 weetabix (HEb) and SS milk (HEa)

infact i don't even use the 250ml of milk, i put a smaller amount of milk mixed with a lot of water, heat it and pour it on my weetabix and its like weetabix porridge which i prefer compared to normal porridge

yes i am strange...

but please, any suggestions would be nice
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Firstly, you need to have the 250ml ss milk, otherwise the milk that you are having becomes syns. This is the official stickler thing with this plan...you have to eat the correct amount of HeA and HeB in order for it to work.

Anyway, I usually have 2 Alpen light bars on either day as 1 HeB.
7oz New potatoes in skin counts as a HeB on a Red Day.
1 pouch of Green Giant country vegetable soup counts as a HeB on both days and is lovely.
3 Mini Babybel light cheese as either 1 HeA or 1 HeB on both days.
1 sachet Oat so Simple counts as a HeB on both days too.

I hope this gives you some ideas Hun and Im sure that someone else will share theirs with you soon too.

Good luck!

Hey Mrs V, I'm sure that is the official SW line but I can say that I have never had the full amount of milk in a HE and have good loses. Any gains I have are certainly NOT down to a little less milk - more like milk chocolate!!! I have been doing SW on and off for almost 10 years and have never had a problem with a little less milk.

Oh and I assume that the Oats so Simple Golden syrup sachets don't count!!

Some great HE ideas there and much needed as I think we do all fall into habits with them.

Great post Jade - I need ideas too!


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28g bran flakes are nice with bananas for breakfast. Humous is also a healthy extra, and yummy on toast. Do you use the rest of your milk allowance in tea/coffee? If you're not having it all you could have some laughing cow extra light cheese triangles too.
i have a few cups of tea with milk so i suppose i am having my daily allowance of it

thanks for the replies i am going to try some

and oats so simple..yum! all flavours or only certain ones?
ah i just saw on another post that the flavoured ones are 7 syns and the original are 5 syns.. when not used as a HEb.
im thinking for breakfast tomorrow:
oats so simple original with canderal sweetener
i may even swap that for brown sugar

see which one i prefer

and btw can i just ask, what does houmous taste like? i have never tried it and i'm interested in doing so!


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Hummous is made from chick peas and lots of garlic. So it's quite savoury. It also usually contains olive oil and lemon juice. Tesco do one that is Hummous with Lemon & Coriander and that one is particularly nice. I don't generally go for lemon things, but decided to try it and got hooked on it!

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