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NEW! is this ok ?

Ok so im new around hear so thought i would ask for some tips

For breakfast this morning i had a muller light

For lunch i had a chicken stew with carrots onion diced chicken breast half of a potato on a bed of rice

For tea im having a weight watchers chicken curry

Water by th gallons lol

So im wondering if that sounds ok or what changes you would make xx
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Sounds ok to me. You dinner is full of carbs and you should always have a good level of carbs in your dinner to make you feel satisfied and energetic through the day. If a yogurt satisfies you till dinner then it's a good breakfast. Alternatively you could look at porridge or some other oat based breakfast. I don't think it's about how good you meal plan is, it's being able to maintain it.

Good luck :) x
It’s recommended to eat 5 times a day to boost metabolism. Here is a sample diet menu (2200 Calorie)

3/4 Cup cold cereal, bran flakes, high fibre
1 cup Low-Fat Milk, 1%
1 tbsp. cream, fluid, half and half
12 ounces coffee-w/caffeine
1 each banana-medium 8 inch

AM Snack
1 each apple-medium with peel
1 each (6 ounce) Yogurt, fruit, low-fat, with low calorie sweetener

1 each apple-medium with peel
2 each bread whole wheat-slice
2 cubic inch cheddar cheese
0.15 cup mayo
3 ounce turkey breast/white meat

PM Snack
2 each bread-slice rye 7 grain
4 tsp. jelly-any fruit flavour
2 tbsp. peanut butter

4 ounces chicken breast/ white meat
1.5 cup rice-brown cook steamed
4 tbsp. Thousand island-reduced cal. Kraft
0.25 cup croutons-plain
1 small salad-sm. Garden w/tomato, onion

You can try it out or you can substitute other foods with it...

Like the previous poster said, you have to be consistant...

Good luck.
Hi Sammygib, Welcome to the site.

My tip would be to decide what diet you wish to follow. That way you can ensure you are sticking to it and ensure continuous weight loss and sustainable results.

The foods you listed looked healthy. My only concerns would be that you are either not eating sufficient, which could make you feel hungy and you may not stay on the diet until you reach your goal. Or worse, you will feel disapointed at the end of the week, if the weight loss was not as high as you expected. If you intend to calorie count, you will need to consume 1200-1500 calories.

I would recommend the website GoodtoKnow. It lists lots of different diets, which you could follow. There is sure to be a plan which inspires you.

best of luck with your weight loss journey. Keep on posting.

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