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new-just want to introduce myself

hi i'm a 32 year old, 10 years serial dieter.:cry: i've been browsing on this site for a while and finally decided to take the plunge with my last diet attempt - lipotrim.

i gave up the smokes on 26th of june 2008, so 1 hurdle gone. i would like to lose 3.5-4st. my 1st official day of the diet is over,(actually started on monday then ate something last night :sign0007:) so i have decided to just take things one day at a time. my weigh day is saturday and i'm slightly worried that i may not loose anything bearing in mind i would have only been on th programme 4 days. should i tell my pharmacist? he might think i'm not serious and not let me continue! i'm having a little debate with myself over this:sigh:.

newhooo.....................moving on from ME. i really wanted to say that this site is very inspiring, there are sooooooooooo many successes, i just hope that i can be one of them. people on the lipotrim forum seem so down to earth, it is quite refreshing. i will def be logging on daily, even if it's just to read inspirational and motivating posts to keep me on track.

right i think i need to hit the hay now, but for some reason i feel WIDE AWAKE- is that normal? will have to force myself to sleep!!

bye for now.

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Hi China, welcome to Minimins :welcome:
Don't worry about your little slip, as long as you've stuck to it like glue since, it'll be fine. You'll find it's not worth cheating and getting out of ketosis. When you go for your WI on Sat. the Buzz you get will give you the incentive to go on.
Be honest with your Chemist, they won't stop your diet, but they need to know how you are managing.
If you get the urge to eat again, log on here first, one of us will help you.
Dying to know how you get on on Sat. Let us all know. Good luck! xx


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As cathy said Chinaa,you are doing good since your wee slip,its a big change to what you know as normality.Dont panic about it,keep strong now and look forward to your WI,come on here for a chat and some craic,always someone on here x


Gonna be slim again
Hi ya Chinaa, Welcome and good luck
Helllooooo chinaa :) Welcome to the loony bin! :D
hello and welcome my sister in the first week only done it for 5 days before weigh in and she did inform them and she still lost 11lb. good luck for saturday and dont forget to let us knowxxxxx
Hi china and welcome I'm sure you will see a weight loss in four days, if you get tempted again log on and we will all talk you out of it, Good luck xxx


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Hiya Chinaa, Welcome sweetie, And good luck :):)
Good luck and welcome Chinaa.

Many people have a blip early on but then go on to be very successful losers. Just be honest with your chemist and tell him you are now more determined and they will be fine.

We are here if you need us.

welcome to this wonderful forum and good luck with LT x

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