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new leg brace


Not such a fat kat now :)
I have a dilema.

I am in desperate need of a total knee replacement but the docs really really dont want to do it as Im 41 which apparantly is far too young to get a new knee.
Anyway last Thursday as a last resort they have given me a brace to wear for 3 months to see if it helps.
So, should I get weighed tonight with it on knowing that I will gain tonight or should I take it off and hopefully not gain (as its star week as well). I dont think I can win either way at the minute.:cry:
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I would talk to your consultant, how easy is it to remove? is it possible to have it weighed and just deduct this from your total weight each week (if you are didgital it will be recorded wrong on the computer but if you are paper it will be easy) personaly if it was me and it was easy to remove I'd do so if its hard then I'd deduct the weight each week- weigh in is buy enough without having to mess about.
I agree with busymam, if it's easy to remove then do so. If you are on the digital card system though, there is no way you will be able to alter your weight. Talk to your consultant hun.


Not such a fat kat now :)
thanks, decided to remove and go without, we are on the computer system so it would be unnegotiable

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