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New life, new start - Lynnewillbethin in Turkey xx


Lynne will be thin!
Successfully lost 3 stone on exante about 4 years ago but here I am, back again, having gained nearly 2.
My circumstances are very different now! Having worked as a Youth Offending Team manager for 17 years I left on 29th May and came to live with my Turkish husband in Marmaris on 8th June. We've been together for 3 years and had a nikah (religious wedding) in Istanbul in April last year. Haven't had a civil wedding yet.
Still living the dream with hot sunshine and lots of boat trips but also living the nightmare of looking like a beached whale in my bikini.
It's taken a while for my exante order to get here but now that it has I'm ready to start and today is day 1.
The fitbit's charging and I've had a vanilla shake for breakfast. Sitting next to Murat having 3 eggs, simit, salsa and jam was my first test!
So here goes:
Day 1: weight 82.5 kg
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Lynne will be thin!
Yesterday wasn't easy but I did it - well apart from 2 rakis and one of the maple syrup and pecan flavoured flap jacks extra. Had a vanilla shake for breakfast and a chocolate orange bar for lunch both of which are firm favourites. Wasn't keen on the white chocolate and raspberry shake for tea or the flapjack that I nibbled on all day to avoid proper cheating!
We're going to the beach today so should be less temptation while sunbathing. Bbq tonight but I'll stick to meet. Had another favourite for breakfast - banana shake.
All in all not a bad start with 1kg loss.

Day 2: 81.5kg - 1 kg loss


Lynne will be thin!
Yesterday went well. Banana shake for breakfast and a chocolate orange bar for lunch. Had a few walnuts in the afternoon to appease Murat who thinks I'm starving myself! The bbq was cancelled but still had a proper meal with Murat. We had hamzi (fried anchovies) and salad so still managed to stay low carb. (He also had lots of bread with his!).
Had another loss so all is good.
We were supposed to go on a boat trip today which would have been a challenge because we usually have borek for breakfast on the way and lunch, iced coffee and cake on the boat. However some of Murats friends have come from Istanbul and are staying in the holiday apartments next to our home and he has overslept due to being up until the early hours chatting and drinking tea with his friends! Maybe we'll have a walk to the beach instead and get some exercise in.

Day 3: 80.9kg - 0.6kg loss (total loss 1.6kg)
Well your day sounded lovely nevertheless! Good luck on your day 4. I lost track of count of mine, but far too long for my taste. That's why I must stay on track.


Lynne will be thin!
I did really well about 4 years ago but since then have had a number of unsuccessful restarts. Hopefully I'll do better this time! I'm not going to let any setbacks deter me and will eat when I go out or sometimes at home but will avoid carbs as best I can. Hope you have a lovely day xx
Had a shake and a bar yesterday with hamzi ans salad for tea. Also had half a slice of cheese on toast, six chips and a small piece of a very sweet turkish desert made with honey and almonds. Despite this my weight is 0.6kg down this morning!
Going to the hairdressers this afternoon for my hair and eyebrows doing and a manicure and pedicure. Hopefully this will inspire me to stick to exante today!

Day 4: weight 80.3 kg - 0.6kg loss (total 2.2kg)
As long as it's going down! It's Friday hairdresser day for me as well - a nice hour with nothing to do but chill! and listen to gossip :p
Hi Lynne
I'm trying again too.
Way too much gaining over the past few years.
I'm mixing diets with SW and exante.
Good luck x
Hiya Lynne! Congratulations on your marriage.

I'm back too (starting tomorrow) hope you and Marge are sticking around. Be good for the much valued support xx


Lynne will be thin!
Here I am, back again! Day 1 83.6kg

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