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New LL bars - is it true?

me too - the current ones are grim! The CD and Lipotrim ones sound much nicer but I know I need the LL counselling so I can't switch. It would be great if there's new ones coming out - hopefully someone will know.
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The LL toffee bars are yummy!!!I'm really going to miss those on CD :( I don't like the CD bars-the choc covered ones anyway,not tried the new ones yet.I wish there was a choc/mint one available like the boots shapers one-they're nice.
Definitely new bars coming out, and as far as I remember, I think it's pretty soon... as well as new DVD's replacing Coakley and a couple of other people...

Our counsellor was telling us about all the changes after going to one of the conferences... she says the new bars are actually really yummy! There's apparently another nutty one that is much more flap jack-like and tasty, unlike the MDF sort of one we have now.

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has anyone tried spliting the nutty bar in half and sandwiching it with half a toffee bar ???? its yummie (ooohmegod!!! cant beleive ive reached the stage of calling this yummie :) )i have it as my treat at night with my "hot chocolate" as a late dinner /supper , my favourite time of the day :D
happy new year to all !!!
and goodluck for this new you year xxx


Loves VLCD's !
It will be really nice to have bars that don't taste like Playdough ! My LLC said there was going to be a nutty one and a cranberry one I think. Hope the nutty one is better than the nut crunch !
They are keeping the toffee though, right? I need that one definitely - unless there is going to be another, more yummy one to replace it?
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I don't know anything about it but I would guess they are adding to the range rather than replacing it.....

but hey, what do I know lol?

I'd love to try new bars. I have the toffee one each day as I find it tolerable but I think they all taste like flour (god knows why as they don't contain flour). The CD ones sound much more interesting but I love the LL counselling so I'll have to put up with the bars until we get new ones. Had my group tonight (lost 5lbs, very pleased - well worth the dodgy bars!:)) so should have asked my LLC when she expects to have new bars but forgot to ask.:eek:


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Well done on dropping 5 lbs Fallen :cool:


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Bad news, had meeting tonight. Asked counsellor about new bars. She knows nothing about it. Explained that the company trial new bars from time to time, but often nothing ever comes of it. If there is a new bar on the horizon, it will take months before it may be ready for distribution to counsellors.:(
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ooh bu**er I'm hoping to be done by 2-3 months!


Hmm my counsellor definitely was saying it was a concrete thing, the new bars coming in.. but echoed that it would be a few months at least. I'm popping in Sunday so I'll check with her again.
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bar query

Hi can anyone clarify - are we allowed 1 bar per day plus 4 foodpacks or do we need to replace a foodpack for a bar?


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My LL counsellor told us yesterday there are going to be some new ones out soon.
BTW I love the MDF and playdoh observations they are exactley right!
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its funny, I hated the MDF bar and could never imagine eating it, but one week I bought one just for a change.... and I don't mind it now!

Of course I would prefer a snickers bar but hey ho..... I've lost 3 stone I can live with an MDF bar now and then!


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