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New meal ideas needed ?

Hi Im in week 16 and I need new meal ideas.
My budgets not big Im alone with with daughters so moneys tight,I wondered what other people have for breakfast lunch and dinner?

My usual is



Jacket P

Im bored TBH and Im on 22 points soon be 21 points any ideas?

:confused:Thanks xx:confused:

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I've been feeling the same of late and am looking into new meals to spice things up.

I would add eggs and things on toast - sardines, toms, jam, marmite for brekkie.

Maybe mixed bean salad, cous cous and anything, omelette, things on toast for lunch.

Stir fry is always a good dinner can add whatever fish/meat/beans you've got to hand. Could use different veg in salads, different spices. I've been making a mean risotto of late, once mastered the basic recipe can adapt it in loads of different ways.

If I come up with anything else will add later. I've just inspired myself as well so all good


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Have a look at my turkey thread chick - it's my new fave thing! :)
Thanks guys will look when online, I can't eat eggs :( and over dosed on stirfries last year on ww lol but the rest sounds good vanda , thanks D Angel love turkey .....
Now I'm hungry lol ;) xx


plodding away
S: 19st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 1st0lb(5.17%)
I have been making my own burgers with turkey mince, but can use any other mince or beans.

I am partial to the odd felafel, homemade pizza, kebabs and various spicy rice dishes too.


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Hi. If your bored with plain old jacket potatoes you can part bake it in the oven then when it's starting to soften cut it into four large wedges and sprinkle with paprika and continue to bake until crispy, so so yummy. Also for lunches i have two w.w sausages in a toasted pitta bread with lots of salad and salsa, yum. I have so many w.w recipe books, if there are any particular foods you would like recipes for let me know and i will post them for you. There are some fab family meals.


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i've just picked up a couiple of cheap reciep books of ebay, just to give me some new ideas.
Hi :) I know what you mean, I think it's good to mix up what we're eating sometimes.

Here are some of the things I have;
* Turkey/chicken tagine (I saw the recipe for this on YouTube by a user named kelanjo19 who does WW recipe vids - reeeeally tasty!)
* Quesadillas (I have them filled with mince, ham, half fat cheese, tuna, veg - just about anything!)
* Halloumi and spicy couscous
* Turkey burgers (homemade) and spicy rice

That's all I can think of at the moment. I use a lot of the recipes in the ww magazines too as they always look nice and turn out really filling and yummy :) hope that helps.
WW bagels are yum for breakfast with just extra light flora, or lunch with cheese spread and ham. They have - erm, possibly 2points? Maybe 1.5 I forget now :/

Omelette with peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms and a little half fat cheese.

I LOVE pasta with the above veggies and chicken or quorn sausages


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I ahve just discovered the best salad in the world, I'm making a bowl a day at the mo. It's just diced red onion, tomato and corainder. Left to fester. Delicious. I hd it with prawns in today.


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some fab ideas there, I am feeling hungry just reading them! :D

I like turkey or chicken breasts stuffed with spices/tomato/whatever and baked in the oven. I fill my plate with 0 point veg and it makes a good size dinner

if your on a budget things that can be bulk made and frozen might help too.

I have a pile of ww recipe books in the cupboard, I must dig them out and share a few recipes :)

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