New member, Fat and fed up!!!!

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They have just launched the new Discovery plan - which is basically points with added common sense (like eating healthy, filling foods rather than junk....really!!! Who would have thought it??)

Not sure that the online service is up to much - I get free access to the e-source by paying monthly at meetings and its not brilliant.

I would go along to a class and sign up - there will be money off coupons galore - get the stuff - then come on here for support.

Loads of people do.

How much do you have to lose?

Oh, and welcome to minimins and WW forum. Good luck

Rosie xx


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New books

Hi, thanks for the welcome:)
Was just going to get some of ebay just need to make sure i get the most important ones and follow it myself at home.


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I follow it from home, as do a few others, you will have all the support you will ever need and 2009 will be your year! :D Good luck with your journey!


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Good luck for a smaller you in 2009, you will get loads of support on here



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good luck for your january start :) just so you know though, if you get it off ebay it'll cost you quite a bit! I would personally say try and get the "Switch" book. Its not the new plan, but its so much better than the new one! You can always pick up the new eating out / shopping guides in addition x


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well to ww and good luck.give us a shout if you need us at all.


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Hey and welcome :) ... Good luck ! heres to a successful 2009 for all us miniminers! :D


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Good Luck.


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Welcome minimins. Hope you have a wonderful xmas and good luck for your start of the new you in the new yaer