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A little of everything!
Welcome Carolyny! Glad you're finding it okay so far. This forum was a lifesaver for me at the beginning. Hope your WI gives you the inspiration to carry on!
welcome hun and good luck with ur 1st WI. sure u will do great.
best advise i can give it to mix ice with the shakes, makes them taste yummy, and if ur feeling weak come on here and post, every1 is so supportive.
let us know how u get on at WI.

x x


Getting thinner everyday!
Hello and welcome to you.

Hi Carolyny and good luck!

This is also my first week, felt absolutely awful yesterday just wanted to burst into tears all day. Feeling great today though so this must be ketosis taking over.


A little of everything!
Wait til your first weigh-ins- you'll definately feel 100 times better! LOL!
Welcome, and good luck with your 1 st week.


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hi and welcome to lipotrim and this forum :)

this forum is like a second family, there is always someone around to comfort you, answer your queries or to just listen. Its a lifesaver for many people starting out with LT. Good luck honey :) xxx
Hiya, welcome and good luck for your LT Journey

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Welcome and all the very best for your LT journey. Everyone here is so helpful and you are right about there being so much information here.
Welcome to the forum Carolyny! It's a life saver.

Glad you are finding LT ok. I also find it easy to stick to 100%. I think if you're in the right frame of mind you can do anything!

Looking forward to your first weigh in!
all the best
Welcome and good luck on your LT journey. I`m sure you`ll do really well, just drink lots of water, stay positive and come onto this site whenever you need support. It really helps when you need support from people that know what you`re going through. x

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