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Hello Guys

I've finally found a forum for RC slimmers.

I started the RC classes on 13th June and had my second weigh in last night. I lost 4.5 pounds in the first week and 3.5 last night. I'm really pleased with that - I can't believe I've lost more than half a stone in 2 weeks.

So, I'm now off the kick start diet and trying to cope with 1900 calories a day - I think it's too many after managing to survive on 1200!!

I've tried SW & WW before. I did really well the first time I did SW, but then I couldn't be bothered with it. I'm now about 3 or 4 stone heavier than the first time I went to SW and am so determined to do it this time!!

I think that RC is going to work well for me because I find the Salsacise class really fun!!

Well, to all my fellow RC-ers (& slimmers) out there keep up the good work.

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What a motivational message, thank you for that Rachael and WELL DONE on such great weigh ins!! Ooooh I wonder if I could lose that too?

I am 15.2 and 5'10" I want to lose 3 stone, maybe a few lbs more. Basically I am a size 16-18 and want to be back to a 12.

I lost 3.5 stone doing Lighterlife last summer, felt absolutely marvellous, went back to normal eating and put the whole lot back on again GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!! So I am feeling quite rubbish about myself and very embarrassed at losing SO much then putting it all back on again :(.

Right might start RC then, definitely got to do something!

Hey what is Salsacise ?? It sounds brilliant fun!!

Sarah xx
Thanks for your reply.

Salsacise is an Aerobics class with Salsa moves - Cha chas and Mambas. I feel like I'm baby in Dirty Dancing when I'm doing it!! It's really good fun you get your hips shaking and the music is great!!

Rosemary Conley has a Salsacise DVD out aswell that I'm thinking of getting it to do at home.

Best of luck with your weight loss campaign.

Hey that sounds FAB I might have to look into doing one of those classes - that's not at your RC class though is it? I assume it is straightforward aerobics at the RC class and you go to another class during the week too?

Def going to look into that as I bet its really good for you and great fun too - always a good thing!

Good luck to you too, you have got off to a brilliant start, very motivational to hear - thank you.

Best wishes,
Sarah x
Yes it is a RC. The women who runs our class does 2 classes on a Wednesday night. The first one is a straight forward weigh in and aerobics class the second - which I go to - is Solsacise and then a weigh in.



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Hi Burnsey,
Well done on your fantastic weight loss-I'm a week behind you and so looking forward to finishing the kickstart 2 weeks. It will be great to compare notes and it's good to see our RC gang is growing.:)
Well it was weigh in night last night and I'm a little upset. I put on a pound last night, but I've been really good this week.

My RC woman said that it can happen when you change to the higher calorie allowance. So I'm just forgetting about that result for now and carry on as I have been doing. I have bought myself a RC Planner though to keep track of everything I'm doing and you can record inch losses in it. I think I've lost a inches this week rather than weight because a pair of size 18 pants which have always been tight on me now fit me very comfortably and my work pants are falling off me.

Good Luck to everyone out there.

I'll keep you updated.

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