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Hello Everyone, my name is Mel, im 23 and started the LigthterLife diet 6 weeks ago, my starting weight was a huge 30 stone 13 pounds, i am pleased to say that in 6 weeks i have lost 41 pounds!! so nearly 3 stone! I just joined this site today and have already meet some nice ppl in the chat room, i look forward to meeting everyone else and having a good old natter!
will chat to anyone about anthing! and would love to chat to fellow LighterLifers about their experiences.
well hope everyones having a good day!
Hi Mel,

I'm in my 7th wk of LL and have lost 28lbs so far, my start weight was 16st 3lbs. I'm really glad that I've found this site too!
hiya fatgirlslim

Im on the same week as you so we must have started around the same time.

Fantastic weight loss, glad you have also found minimins the support here is brilliant.

Congratulations Mel ! Its a great diet and a fantastic site to get support or keep your fingers busy ! I am on LL coming up to week 12, doesn't the time fly !
Hiya Mel - many congrats on your brilliant losses so far!!

Dunno if you've come across the Wemitt thread (We mean it this time) but you might want to have a look in there - it's a huge support for those of us with a lot of weight to lose.

Keep on trucking, babes!!
Wow you are doing really well!!

Welcome to the board, I'm quite a newbie too, but its great here.