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Hi all!
Great to be part of a wonderful stong bunch of people.
I started LP on the 10.12.08, its been exactly ONE week! i believe ive been thru the hard bit, so lets see how i get on hey?!

i have a 6 year old , who is very active so this is for her. Shes forever telling me i look wonderfull in my new size 18/20 tops! But i know deep down she wants a skiny mummy!
I blame my husband for the take aways (as u do!), but now i need all the support to keep going. Ive never dieted in my life and need to shed 6stone.
Overall im not finding it to difficult coz i dont cook anymore!
The only problem is the water bit, i cant stand having to go to the loo every 2mins! Im sure the secret part of the weight loss success isnt really the diet its all those trips up & down the stairs! lol

love to hear your expieriences so far x :)
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welcome fiza!
well done for getting week 1 out of the way! its amazing how the weight will drop off you now and that 6stone whill be gone in no time!
if you ever need any advice there are a lovely bunch of people online here and there is someone available pretty much all the time which is great!.. this place has been my life line for the past 6 weeks.
good luck and let us know how you get on x


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Hey hun, welcome to the forum. Make sure you keep glugging the water and nip on here if you ever feel a bit weak.......there is always someone around to offer some encouragement.

Good luck hun......well done on getting through the first week.


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Hi Fiza,
Welcome, and well done getting through your 1st week. You've done the hardest bit now.
After a while you'll find you don't wee so much, it's strange, you'll go more than you did before, but not as much as you're doing now. Don't understand it, but hey, we don't need to!
I bet you'kk be thrilled at your weigh in, Good luck and keep posting. xxxx
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Welcome and good luck hun. My youngest always told me I was lovely but my eldest admitted at the weekend she doesn't mind being seen with me these days!!!!!!!!

The first week is the hardest and you have done so well so far. Water is the secret and what Cathy says is so true, your body seems to get used to more and you do wee less often and the first week!

Take care.

Welcome and well done making it thru your first week, as said that is the hardest part. You will be amazed on your weigh in how quick the weight will drop off, and as people have mentioned the loo trips do slow down Im convinced as your stomach shrinks your bladder gets huge!!! lol Good luck in your second week and we are all here if it starts getting tough!!


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Welcome and congrats on choosing LT. You are going to love it. If you ever need to talk or need advice, come onto this forum. There are so many brilliant people on here who'll help.
HEY! Thanks for all your replys an encouragment, it been exactly 11 days now, im not findin it as hard as i thought i wud do. Even did some cookin today (without eatin it all!! lol).

Missed my 1st weigh in, but will let yous no how i got on on Monday.
Loo trips are the worst thing ever, spose the money saved on food will now be invested in bog roll!! lol

Love u all, great to have people in the same boat as me, makes you feel your not alone.

Thnx guys xxx Keep it Up (or 'down' in our cases) !!!

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