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New Members.

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by kclark335, 31 May 2011 Social URL.

  1. kclark335

    kclark335 Member

    I am starting my first week tommorow! eek! I went to meeting tonight and think I am ready to start. Any first week tips? Any other people new members?
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  3. jenxy

    jenxy Full Member

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    Slimming World
    I still consider myself to be new, tomorrow will be my fourth group meet. My advice would be to enjoy it, I had a brilliant first week, found that I was feeling full, not at all deprived and read this board whenever I felt tempted by naughty things. It helped me loads and still does. If you do give in to temptation, do not beat yourself up over it and think you have ruined everything, just put it down as a hiccup and get straight back on the horse. If you have the time, try to stay to group after weigh in, it really does help motivate you and you can learn lots from the other members. Im sure you will get lots more advice, but good luck with your journey. :)
  4. lsf666

    lsf666 Watch this space...

    Slimming World EE
    Went to my 3rd meeting tonight and I would agree that this site is a great place to turn when having any questions or difficulty. Also yummy recipe ideas too :)

    It's surprising how quickly you get the hang of it all too!

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  5. ~*~Louisa~*~

    ~*~Louisa~*~ bye bye baby tummy

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    I guess I'm still quite new 6 weeks including joining week

    best advice is trust the plan, it doesnt feel like your dieting because your not hungry but it works 11 1/2 lbs off in 6 weeks
    stick to plan and you will be knocking the weight off
  6. letsgetlosing

    letsgetlosing Full Member

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    Yes my advise for the first few weeks is believe in the plan. When I first started I couldnt get my head round the fact that I could eat things like pasta, potatoes, rice and the healthy extras and still lose weight! But you can!
    Use your syns, on whatever you want,but use them.
    Drink loads of water and try and cut out things like diet drinks...they might cause retention.
    Good luck x
  7. lovetosew

    lovetosew Full Member

    Hi :) I'm new as well, I joined last Thursday so I will have my first proper weigh in tomorrow. I am certainly not qualified to give you advice yet! I have really enjoyed my first week though and have had lots of fun reading through and commenting on here. I have started a weight loss diary called 'at the start of a long road' where I can just write whatever I feel like writing + I use it as a food diary as well so if I am doing something wrong without realising hopefully people will point it out! I have also been filling out one of the paper food diaries to take tomorrow in case I haven't had a loss :/
    It's nice to meet you and I hope you enjoy your first week too, here's to us both making the long haul!
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