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Guess whos back...
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Well following my recent topic on my "blip" and last 7-10days struggling to get back on track, i today recieved some life-changing news that will have me motivated more than ever before.
Deep down secretly this was my main reason to get in shape, so now its a real reason, not just a dream...

What am i on about?....
Well for past 3-4 years i had dreams and hopes to Emigrate to New Zealand (following some friends) and set up a new life down there. Well cutting a very long story short, after about 12-14months of visa forms, x-rays, police background checks and immigration interviews, I today recieved a recorded package from the postman, and inside was my passport with a New Zealand visa attached, giving me the right to live and work in NZ. :D :D :D :D

Its been a hell of a long process i can say, but i cant believe my dream is finally going to happen! And very soon to, as the visa date is for June onwards. And as the visa conditions are to have a BMI of less than 30, i couldnt ask for a better motivation to get myself focused.

Am i really not allowed to crack open some bubbly? :p
No? Ah well i change my avatar to celebrate then!
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Well done Prof I am sure the wait will be worth it I have heard NZ is really lovely.:)

This indeed will give you the extra boost to continue with your weightloss.;)

Crack open the bubbly, as long as it fizzy water and a bit of imagination:p



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Congratulatons Lee!!!!

Delighted for you and I would love to go and see New Zealand myself.:)

This will give you that extra shove now to get there!

This diet is really life changing alright:D

Love Mini xxx


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Good luck Lee.

Just think of all the opportunties that you can wear a LOVELY swimsuit showing off your slim figure! :eek:


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Congratulations Lee!! Have a fab time in NZ. You can be our first-ever NZ correspondent when you get there!!! :D

What fantastic motivation to complete your weightloss journey!! :D


The Diet Guy
Congratulations m8eeeeeee

Time to finish what you started :)



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Well done, it will be fantastic out there. That will be such a motivator and can you get me a visa I wanna come.:)



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Brilliant news Lee - looks like next Minimins meet could be in NZ folks!!!!

So how many pounds have you got to lose to get your BMI to below 30???