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New...moving over from ww

Hiya, my name is Zoe and I'm a student. I've been doing weightwatchers for a little while but it seems that towards the end of every week I just go downhill completely! I have binge eating problems so do find it very hard, but at least doing weightwatchers for the past few weeks has helped me to maintain my weight and stop putting weight on which is something I've been doing for the last few months before! And for that I am grateful to weightwatchers. But I am still at my heaviest weight and with my 18th birthday approaching in a month I really do need to hurry up and get the weight off. So I've decided I want to try something new that I've heard good reviews for "day on, day off" diet, but in my own way. Basically one day I'll have low calories, 800 calories or under, then the next I'll have quite a high calorie day-1600 calories or under. I'll repeat this cycle and see how it goes! I also do quite a bit of walking, and bootcamp sessions twice a week where I do running, lunges, sit ups, press ups etc etc. I just need to do something where I know I'm not far away from a "treat" high calorie day and hopefully that will stop me from binging and help me keep on track! I can't fit into any of my clothes at the moment, they are all much too tight which is upsetting :( and I have hardly any confidence to go out. I'm a stone over my normal weight of 8 stone and I want to lose this in a month so I'm back to 8 stone for my birthday! I was looking at all the diaries on here and everyones doing sooo low calories I feel rather a pig compared to them but oh well lol :eek:
So my stats are:
Height : 5'4
Current weight (at start of day) : 8 stone 13
Goal weight: 8 stone
I'm hoping I can get the support I need on here!
Sorry for the long intro! I will start posting my intake tommorow :)xxx
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Welcome and good luck!

hey hun ive just moved over from ww too! welcome and good luck!!

Calorie Intake Calculator - Calculate Your Daily Calorie Needs For Weight Loss

thats a site to use if you want to work out how many calories you should be having and if you click the 7 day calorie cycle at the bottom it tells you how to balance your cals out throughout the week :) fellow calorie counter gave me the link on here its amazing xx
thank you very much you two :)

smirky just went on that website, you're right its really good :)
My results came out as :
Maintenance: 1946 Calories/day
Fat Loss: 1556 Calories/day
Extreme Fat Loss: 1167 Calories/day

hiya missmarie!! your plan sounds good and very doable! it should be easier to stick to knowing you can eat a bit extra the following day :D
i've been calorie cycling for nearly 2weeks and i love it - i used to be a big binger and since i've got into the swing of things i haven't once!! it's so easy because you know you can still have a treat and enjoy yourself on those higher days as long as you do well on the others :)
i now get more excited over a low calorie treat than a big bar of chocolate and bowl of crisps :eek:!!
anyway good luck this is a great site hope you find that this works for you!!
morning all :D
first day of the up down diet, yayyy.
Today is a "low day" and needs to be under 800 calories so todays intake is:
Breakfast: Apple (70) and 110g banana (110)
Lunch: 500g butternut squash chips (200) with 50g bbq sauce (50) Sugar free jelly (40)
Dinner: 100g chicken breast strips (110) mange tout, mushrooms, carrots, onion (100) and portion of sweet and sour stirfry sauce (80)
Total: 760
thanks :)

well today i have stuck to the food i planned, with an extra handful of carrots just now, but i am soooo bloody starving right now. desperately trying to refrain from eating anything else but its so hard, any tips to stop evening snacking?
thanks :)

well today i have stuck to the food i planned, with an extra handful of carrots just now, but i am soooo bloody starving right now. desperately trying to refrain from eating anything else but its so hard, any tips to stop evening snacking?

evenings are always my hardest too! i try and save a back up treat for the evenings as i'm so bad - but when i really get cravings in the evening i usually drink a big glass of water every time i want to eat something. also ice lollies are good to give your mouth something to do (i buy sainsbury's basics fruit ones for 25cals each) and can last a while too! i usually find i'm not hungry.. just my mouth likes to have something to do or nibble on! xxx
thanks for the suggestion i think i do need to stock up on some low calorie treats!

Hate having to write this but I'm gonna be honest, ahh gave into the hunger and had a nutrigrain bar and two crumpets with choc spread! Bringing my calorie total for the day to 1200 calories, grr hate feeling like a failure. Gonna deduct 400 cals off tommorows meaning I have 1200 calories tommorow then start the 800/1600 calorie cycle again properly from wednesday!
:( Why do I never seem to stick to things. Ah well, could be worse I guess, I'm not giving up on the up/down idea as I still think its a really good plan...just need to actually stop being weak and stick to it lol
hey, don't feel like a failure!! 1200 is not bad at all and it wasn't a load of junk :D and well done for not giving up - once you crack it once you will have it don't worry, first couple of days of something new is always the hardest! if you do find it a bit too extreme or hard though after a week or so you could always try doing 1000, 1200 and 1400 days as a 3 instead of the 2 more extreme jumps :) you will have it in the bag soon though so don't worry and well done for today :D xxx
hun 1200 is still amazing!!! it's what i aim to have each day on my extreme fat loss prog... but i just do it calorie cycling mode so it's mixed up ! still a great number to be sticking too and you got your fix you needed without going overboard! :) keep at it and dont worry if you go off a little bit, as long as it's not loads and you get use to limitations then it's great and healthy for you to have the odd treat :) xxx

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