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New & Nearly there...

Well hello,

My names Becca. I'm 24. I have always struggled with my weight.

At the age of 18/19 I went up to 18/19 stone for lots of reasons, first long term relationship, moving away from home, living of take aways. You know how it is.

We split up and I lost it and went the gym every day, wasn't even really focusing on losing weigh. Was just something I did. I got down to 13st and met my current other half.

I then suffered a miscarrige which threw me into depression and I tried to eat myself happy, bad idea. I ended up 16st 10lb. Not as heavy as I used to be. But heavy.

I got better, was still fat. Started slimming world in April 2010 after seeing some photos of myself from a hen night. I was awful. Disgusted in myself really. I also had a laparoscopy in May to do with constant pain from the PID (pelvic imflammatory diease) that I contracted from my miscarrige. I was then told I have alot of scar tissue and onyl one of my fallopian tubes was ok. I had to have another operation to fix it. Was changed to a different consultant, the fertility specialist.

I lost about 2st doing slimming world, slowly but surely, a bit of upping and downing.

I went for my 2nd operation in March 2011, I woke up to the news that they failed to repair my tube and that my other one was actually also blocked. So basically I was infertile. Instead of drowning in depression at this news, I threw myself into my diet. I know I needed to get my BMI below 30 if we were to ever do IVF.

In May 2011, I had a period as normal, was suffering with severe pelvic pain halfway through my cycle, was advised to test to rule pregnancy out, bam I was pregnant very unexpected when you have been told you are infertile 2 months before. Rushed straight to A&E and kept in hospital for a week. Long story cut short, the pregnancy was ectopic, I had emergency surgery and was hours away from bleeding to death.

I had 4 weeks off work to recover physically as well as mentally, with in this time I just basically ate and didnt move very much and put on 1.5st. Once I was feeling better I got straight on my diet, just doing it myself from home.

I have also in the last couple of weeks been diagnosed with PCOS which explains alot.

Since June I have got my weight down to 12st 6, 60lb loss in total.

I started doing Dukan on sunday as my weight loss had stalled and I have lost 5lbs in 4 days! Very suprising with how well I have been eating. Today is my last day of attack phase.

Well I think thats enough for now.

You get the general idea.

Hoping this website will help see me though to my target (11st 9lb) and maybe past it (10st 9lb).

Sorry for the essay!

Thanks for reading.

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Staff member
Welcome Becca:welcome2:

You have really been through the mill in the last few years, hopefully the worst is over and that you can look forward to happier times ahead .:grouphugg:

Weight wise you are doing very well and are an inspiration and I am sure going by the great results you have achieved already you will reach your target before you know it.

Good luck with the Dukan diet.
Hey Becca...thats a lot to have gone through - you're doing really well though. Good luck with the continued weight loss. Emms xx


Just keep swimming
Welcome to the forum! Your doing very well after that run through the mill! keep it up :) Ruth x

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