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New 'obsessions'

Since I can't really buy new clothes for now and can't buy food, a girl has to treat herself, right.

I have been spending a disgusting amount of money on shower gels. I think I have around 20 bottles in the bathroom - isn't that crazy? But when I used to buy food it made me feel good (can't do that now and hopefully will NEVER do that again), when I buy shower gels I feel soooo good. I guess it is a substitute.

My latest 'obsession' is buying low-fat, low-carb cookbooks. I just can't wait to start eating healthy and improve my cooking skills :eek:

Does anyone else have a new 'obsession'? since starting LL/CB/Lipotrim?
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Busy busy busy!!
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My obsessions are not buying stuff - but being on this site and the arcade is my obsession .... works in keeping me out of the kitchen - but also keeps me out of all the other rooms, and they really could do with a polish and vaccuum!!
Interesting thread!

My new obsessions are cookery books as well! lol I bought fast healthy food book which is great for busy mums! I also bought one for babies and toddlers to give me more ideas! I am so looking forward to cooking healthy dinners for the family!

And photography!


has started again!!
Well, mie has become cooking and baking. My LLC said its not unheard of as a reaction, but to be aware that I dont put my food issues in to my family. They, currently, as thoroughly enjoying the stews, home made goodies, easter biscs and cake!!!

I too have a bathing obession! Normally, a quick shower does the job , but lately I soak in the bath at meal times, with a Lush bathbomb and an audio book on mp3! I have also just bought some firming body lotion as I am terrified that I will end up with an apron belly and huge bingo wings. Any other advice on shrinking skin would be very welcome!



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Well I've become an addict to this place, and I've always been obsessed with buying books .... I can definitely give cooking a miss though :)



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Oh god!! Shall I list them?

Same as quite a few of you, but all of them :)

Buying healthy/low carb cook books
creating banquets for family (again, v. healthy, I'm sure it's facing my own demons!)
Buying gorgeous makeup
Buying gorgeous skincare products (including the most divine chanel face cream that I can't begin to tell you the cost of)
Using fake tan, but cautious about going orange
Buying chick-lit (which I always did but now I buy about twice as many)
Buying fashion magazines and sourcing the clothes-cheaper!
Buying scrubs for the shower, mmmm
And buying lots of gorgeous new clothes in small sizes, currently a 12 but wore a pair of size 10 jeans yesterday, how good did that feel?
And coming on here
Writing blog, although not been too good at that recently :-(
kate :)


Nomad staying slim
Oh yes, I think we can all be a bit obsessive - that's why we have a weight/food problem!!

My current obsessions are:

Thinking about the (healthy) restaurants I will go to when I am eating again
Buying cook books- low carb/GI-GL
Reading rubbish magazines and thinking why did I waste my money
Skin care products
Having a facial and body massage once a month (well a girl has to have treats)
Candles that smell yummy
Lovely healthy food and treats for hubby (he is not on the diet, not overweight and I am careful not to put my food issues onto him)
This site
Planning what 4 packs I am going to have today (so sad)
Clothes shopping in shops I never thought I'd go in!!
Getting clothes bargains - I am a demon bargain hunter.

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