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new on CD and failed on 1st day help!!

hey everyone,

ive just started CD SS well was supposed to start on the 3rd however i failed miserably:cry:ive done lighterlife 2 years ago and i had the same prob with that i have never been able to get through a couple of days without cheating i find it so hard, is there anyone else like me? ive promised myself as from tomorrow to put 100% in to losing this weight i start of the day full of good intentions then reality hits and i go off the rails i feel so alone!

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Welcome Melissa, sorry to hear you are having a hard time with it

My best advice is to either;
a) remove temptation by getting rid of all the food from your house (if possible)
b) find yourself a distraction from food, and set yourself to do it at the times you know you find hard (i.e. straight after work)

When I get in from work and part of my mind still "feels" like it's snacktime, I make myself have a shower and then play my guitar for an hour. By the end of it, I've forgotten about the snack I thought I wanted completely :)

Good luck for tomorrow, keep telling yourself, you CAN do this, it's ONLY food, and you don't need it! :)
thanks pete

im gonna try my hardest i know when i get back to work on tuesday i will find it a little easier, im ok when i dont smell food but when i do i get terrible huger pans and an unbelievable want to eat something, anything. ive only got 5 days till my 1st weigh in so i should really get my butt in gear.

mel x
I understand about smelling food thing, but just try to remember three things;

1) The smell of food cannot physically make you hungry, but it can make you mentally hungry - try to identify the difference (easy on an abstinance program, as you know any time you want food, it is a mental hunger :) )

2) After a couple of days of 100% absintance, you won't feel hunger any more, and on the rare occasion your stomach does rumble, it doesn't feel that same, almost like it is somehow detached from you or you are hearing someone else's stomach rumbling (honest!)

3) If you ever do feel a stomach "pang", it is because you are thirsty. not hungry - it is nigh impossible to tell the difference normally, but as you know you won't feel physical hunger due to ketosis, you can safely say that it's a "thrist pang"
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Hi Melissa

You are not alone!!! I've often felt the same

Like Pete says - they best thing you can do is distract yourself!!

Good luck, you CAN do this



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Welcome to minimins, our friendly forum. Good luck on achieving your goal. Couldnt say it better than Pete. Just take it one day at a time just stay focus and determined on your goal and everything will fall into place.
Hi Melissa85. I just made a similar suggestion on another thread. Try breaking the day into hours - set yourself a goal of getting through the next 3 hours each time you get through 3 hours you are closer to getting through Day 1 and repeat the same for the next day. Once you get to day 4 you will find it much easier.

Some great advice given to you. Please don't despair. x :hug99:
thanks everyone youve all given me fab advice i think my problems started just before starting the diet as i stuffed my face full of carbs in a last supper way, and that made it worse and then on my original day 1 when i cheated it was with carbs bad i know so made it muce harder for maself,

ive decided to have 1-2 cambridge meals with a salad and protein per day for the 1st week so i can wean ma self off the carbs gradually i think that will help me a lot.:)
Hi Melissa,
I am soon to be starting CD and know I will also be going through the same motions. Pete and others have given some good advice, I like the idea of breaking the day down into smaller segments to help until we hit ketosis when we should in theory find it easier :D
Good luck x
yeah i understand all that ive previously done LL and lost four stone on that but i could never go a full week without cheating i give in to ma belly too easily, saying that i always lost but when i came off it i never changed my eating habits so regained it all plus extra. well im gona try my best and good luck to you kate when you start hopefully youll be better than me lol xx
Hi Melissa

I'm in the same boat as you. I was supposed to start on the VLCD on the 1st. Lasted until around 2pm! Started again next day, same thing at which point I said I would leave it until today when back in work. So far so good. I am a bit hungry, but there is nothing here to eat so that's okay.

I have been trying to lose weight since - well since forever really and I have probably lost about 30stone if you added it all together the times I have lost 1 stone, 2 stone, 3 stone, etc, get the picture.

I HAVE to lose at least a stone and a half before 14 Feb 2009 because my son is getting married on that day and I have bought the outfit, it doesn't fit me and I have spent too much on it to not lose the weight. I have hung the outfit on my living room wall as a reminder that I must not give in this time. It is hard.

Good luck.

hey christina,

yip thats exactly the same as me its good to know there is someone else like me, ive been off work for 5 days and the general idea was to start the diet and be over the worst of it for going back to work tomorrow but sitting in the house made me give up.

the only problem is im a bus driver and work different shifts every week like this week im earlys so start at 6am finish at 2pm so sitting at home at night ill find it much easier when i do my backshift week as the work canteen is shut after 3pm and by the time i get hame ill go to bed.

believe it or not when i done LL 2 yrs ago i worked in a chippy and i resisted temptation, found it easy weird eh!:)
hey kate, im sure youll be fine i know from experience the 1st few days are the worst once you get past them your fine,

if only i could take my own advice lol xx
hey kate, im sure youll be fine i know from experience the 1st few days are the worst once you get past them your fine,

if only i could take my own advice lol xx
Yeah, its hard though isn't it....I think a lot of it is mind over matter. I know I will struggle but I'm just going to make myself do it and keep in mind all the reasons why....I want this so bad and know how crappy I will feel if I fail myself :cry:

Good luck
i wish you all the best let me know how you do

Hi Guys

Well that's first day over and it went well. Not hungry at moment, but then hunger is not my problem - simply wanting to eat the food is. I see something I fancy and then, boom, next thing I'm chewing it and swallowing it and it's all over!!!! :(

So, I have come up with a new master plan - simply do not buy the food and then I can't eat it. Luckily, my hubby wants to lose some weight too (he only needs to lose about 20lbs or so) and so he is happy for me not to have any rubbish in.

Good luck with your first day at CD Bride - keep logging in here to keep your resolve firm.

Mel, I am seriously impressed that you managed to lose weight when you worked at a chippy - chips and bread are my biggest downfall. Working on the buses must make it hard for you to drink the water?? Is this day 2 or 3 for you today (6 Jan)?

Love to all

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