New & on day 6 but with questions please!


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Hi all,
Well I'm new to posting but have been reading this site for a few days and really like it, so I thought I'd join in and say hi!
I'm on day 6 of SS and would like to lose about 3 stone, but have PCOS so other diets have not worked for me at all. I'm hoping I will have the success other people have on here :)

I have a couple of questions if you nice people could help me with, but they are both of a delicate nature - so be warned!

1) Does SS give you a funny tummy to start? In the past few days I have had problems, not constipation, but the other. Is this normal?
2) Will SS mess up my monthly cycle? I've only just got it regular.

I would really really appreciate any advice / experiences so much. Many thanks, puddycat x
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Hi Puddycat
Ive done CD for 11 weeks last year and did find for the 1st few days I was on the loo alot like you but the water flushes everything out,,,,,,,,,,it didnt last.
Im on the end of week 3 day 21 today of LL and I had the same trouble only for 3-4 days in the first week?
It should settle down.
Yes also alot of people notice a change in TOTM I have the coil so dont get one but I have noticed my terrible PMT has nearly vanished :D
Well done you and good luck hun,theres loads of fab support here just post away xxc


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Hi, and thank you i'lldoit (love the name!) for the welcome and helpful advice. I hope to become a regular on this board as I know this journey is much easier when you have a supportive community like this to chat with. I feel hearing other people's experiences of this will help me maintain my thoughts that it is normal and ok to do this because sometimes it does feel wierd - if you know what I mean.

I see your third weigh in is today...well really good luck and be sure to post and let us know the good news!


Hi Puddyc This site is fantastic and to be honest it has kept me on track loads.Have a look at the inspirational photos thread it really is amazing that we can do this.Yes it does feel weird being on a plan with no food but its such a fast way to lose this horrid weight in a very safe way!Are you doing CD LL or LT?Let us know more about you there is always a friendly person around here who knows how you feel as they have been or are there themselves
Good Luck for your weight loss journey :D :D


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My CDC said to me last week that some women don't stop having a menstral bleed all the way through SSing? She said that she had a few ladies like that. I was ok though - just a normal period.


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Being on the loo alot was the same with me really. Now and again I get a funny tummy but the more water you drink the better and it does settle.

TOTM - well I used to have them about once every 4 months or so but since CD I'm regular as clockwork although they are a little heavier. PMS symptoms seem to be better though! My councellor told me she has ladies who are worse and some who are better - it seems to affect everyone differently

It's worth sticking with


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:) Thanks ladies for all your replies, I found them very reassuring. I guess I'll just have to give it time and see what happens. I hope everything works out fine as I'm doing this with a view to starting a family, so I really have a good end goal!

I'm doing CD by the way. I am in ketosis and not feeling hungry but today I have felt really low on energy and just kinda down. I've seen other people write about how much zing this diet gives them - and I'm wondering if that is true whether it is properly working for me! Maybe that too takes time.

I would really really like some proper food though, but is that feeling what you all describe as pyschological hunger?

Thanks, puddy :D


hey good to hear someone else has started back.this is the last time im going to try this and hopefully i wont need eat anything...thats the problem if i could get past the 3rd day that would be great .any tips for success? i really need to do it this time for health reasons and any information that you think would be helpful will be quite appreciated.


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Hi Brandee,
I'm by no means an expert on this, but I found just being distracted helped a lot - so watching tv, or being on here, or even sleeping, just anything that helps get through those painful times. I like going out for walks quite late in the evening as well because I think it helps your system rejuvenate with a good night's sleep.

And don't forget your goal - just think think think about what you want - but see it in detail, not just distant. So go through the catalogues and pick out an outfit and when you feel really bad imagine yourself close up wearing that, and the reactions of people around you...that helps motivation no end. Good luck!


Hi Brandee,

I too have PCO. My totm is regular now since losing weight before and using Agnus Castus a herbal remedy.

I had a funny tummy the first few days too. I also get it when I drink too much water. I don't think SS will mess up your totm it could even make them regular. Let us know how you get on.

I am also on day 6 but following the 790 plan.

Take care,


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:) Thanks sweetbun for that info, it's always nice to hear people's experiences. How are you getting on with the 790 plan? I am thinking of moving up to it because my tummy is very acidy, and I think I need some food to settle it. I don't think the packs on their own are totally right for me.

It would be great to keep each other encouraged along the way. I hope your weigh in today is fab :D