New on here, attempt no. 3, need support

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  1. MissGiggle

    MissGiggle Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm new on this forum but really like the idea of it, and sharing stories and inspiration. I am going to keep a diary just so I have motivation for keeping it up.

    My first attempt at losing weight was with the Dukan diet, I lost a fair amount of weight, but it made me feel ill and I came off it. All wasn't lost (or so it seemed as I continued to eat healthily). It went wrong when I went away to uni. Alcohol and carbs were a significant part of my diet and weight ballooned.

    I then got a job (placement year at uni) which was very physical, lots of walking, climbing, lifting and carrying. Weight naturally fell off. I took this further and did calorie counting and I lost 20lbs. This was the most successful as it was naturally my lifestyle, nothing forced. However, even with the 20lb loss I was still grossly overweight. So I decided to go on a diet to aid the weight loss even more. I went on the Cambridge and the weight fell off, taking it to a total of 50lbs. However, this was much more of an effort, and did not fit in with my lifestyle at work. And sadly when I returned to uni the bad food habits crept in and the exercise disappeared from my routine, especially since I also got a car! I have now returned to almost my original weight.

    This time around I will be keeping things simple, making small adjustments, so it is part of my lifestyle, not something I have to think about, or struggle with. I am back to calorie counting which I find very easy, its weird how if you're allowed something, you don't want it as much. And I'm making the effort to walk places instead of drive. Very simple but effective efforts. This time there will be no magic weight loss of kgs in weeks, but it will be much more maintainable for me personally.

    So today, armed with MyFitnessPal and Walkathon, I am ready to fight the flab :)

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  3. SkinnyIwish

    SkinnyIwish Member

    Hi Kylie,

    Fingers crossed this time you will get to where you want to be and keep it off.

    I'm not sure what I weigh in kg but I'm currently 292lbs and hoping to lose 84lbs by the summer. Wishful thinking maybe I'm not gonna try my hardest.

    I'm a wife and mum of 3 little boys and my weight sky rocketed when I gave up smoking back in 2007 to prepare me to get pregnant with my eldest. 7 years later and it's time now to get this weight off and hopefully it will stay off.

    We can do it I know...! 2014 is our year!

  4. MissGiggle

    MissGiggle Member

    Thank you :)

    Yes 2014 is our year!! Good luck with your target :) And big wishes can be very motivating! Are you doing a specific diet?

  5. k8joealf

    k8joealf Full Member

    Good luck both, I lose weight and got to 15st 3 for my wedding at the end of August, however, I am now nearly 17stone :( bad eh in a few months. I just enjoyed myself after being so careful, so now I am eating less and exercising more as if I do diet plans I cannot keep the weight off. xx
  6. julez77

    julez77 Member

    Im new too started sw from home tday looks like a great support network here x
  7. MissGiggle

    MissGiggle Member

    Good luck and remember you did it once, you can do it again!

    Well my first day was what I consider a success. Considering I started on my friend's birthday at the pub and with cake. And yes, I enjoyed cake and alcoholic beverages, and still managed to eat well during the day. With all of the above my net calorie intake came to 2000, but I had managed to burn over 400 calories by walking. Sure I didn't lose any weight, but I didn't gain either, which in my eyes is a success for going on a night out. Being able to make sensible decisions, or ensuring that the calories are balanced out are important, because I'm not going to be a hermit because I'm losing weight. And nights outs were previously a massive stumbling block for me.

    Today, I'm getting ready to go back out for another extra long walk, with the pedometer to keep track of my calories burned. My goal net calories per day is 1600, but today I will reduce it to around 1400 to compensate for yesterday.
  8. MissGiggle

    MissGiggle Member

    I decided today to change my net calorie allowance down to 1200 instead of 1600 on myfitnesspal, so that I can lose the weight a bit faster, and gradually increase my allowance when I've lost a significant amount.

    Today I was just over, by about 50 calories. I managed to go on a long walk again this morning, hopefully I'll keep this motivation to make this my daily routine. I even turned down going to the pub after someone text me because I was already at my calorie allowance (and no I'm not shunning a life for this weight loss business, but having too much of a social life is the reason I'm overweight! and I do have that looming exam to prepare for....)

    Myfitness pal and Striiv (iPhone pedometer app) are my best friends right now. I highly recommend these apps for anyone who hasn't seen them.

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