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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Ok peepz im back!

Went for my 1st WI today and I have lost NOTHING. Zilch.:cry::break_diet:

I had been 3lbs down for 2 weeks and for some reason in the last 2 days i put that back on. (constipated((tmi)))

I have not changed my eating habbit.. stayed within my WW points, within the calories and Fat intake recommended and also have been drinking at least 1.5L of water a day. Also been exercising atleast 3 times a week if not more for 30 mins at a time.

Dont know where i am going wrong.

Doc in his infinite wisdome has gave me two months worth of tablets and told me to try again.

So here I am.. trying again.

I pledge -
>1.5 L of water a day
>30 mins exercise in some shape or form 5 times a week
>1300 calories a day
>30 (to 35) grams of fat per day
>22 Weight watchers points a day
>1 hour walk atleast once a week

Starting either tomorow or monday (when tablets get deliverd)

I will track my loss on this thread.
even is there is no loss or there is a gain.

I am 13.2 st
5"2 tall (or short!)
BMI - 32 (33 on my scale)

Here goes.............
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S: 20st5lb C: 14st12lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 5st7lb(27.02%)
Looking at that I cannot understand how you are not losing weight.

I know you're not huge so the weight will come off slower, but you look as if you're doing everything right.

See how you get on now you're going to be doing slightly more exercise, good luck, and don't give up ;)

New Clare

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S: 15st10lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 4st8lb(29.09%)
Hi Sona!
I'm sure if you continue the way you are it will start to do down again.
It could be down to water retention as our weight can fluctuate by a few lbs.

Keeping a food diary is really helping me and I also like to post on here every day which I find helps keep me on track.

Good luck and keep posting! :)



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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Hi Lion, thanks for ur reply! i think i amd oing it all right... i have ppl telling me i am doing it right but i dont know whats going wrong. I have been advised to eat more veg and do more cardio exercise... i thought my stepper was cardio as i do it with low resistance... and really work up a sweat! Im hoping the walk once a week will help aswell now.

N clare, hey hun! I keep a food diary on the Weight watchers thread on mini mins also have one here will update this with todays food. I have kepst a diary since feb of this year! my diary shows no trends i seem to go up and dow the same 3 lbs! thanks for reading though!

I wants to ask.. without sounding cheeky or offensive to anyone...
i notice that most of you are either 15st or over and have a big loss almost every week... do u think its because im 13st that its not coming off straight away?

I was 15st about 5 years ago (after uni) and i went down to 12 st in 6 months on Atkins! I cant go back to that as its not healthy and its depressings and also stopped working for me ( i did try it again!)

After having my baby in march 2008 i went from 14.6 to 13.3 in 2 months and that was again on atkins and ww bouncing between them.
I have kept that weight off but not losing anymore...

Someone once told me that the EXTRA weight drops off straight away and the more of thr EXTRA weight u carry the quicker it comes off. The ACTUAL FAT on u takes a lot longer.. so is this 13st the ACTUAL fat on me and not actually the EXTRA weight (possible water).

The first stone of weight for a heavy person is the extra water in thier body that body sheds 1st thats why u get a bigger loss in ur fist few weeks... to my understanding.

im confused.
I just want to be 9 or 10 stone.


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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
hey sandy!! *hugs back*

i have actually managed to find a balance with points and calories and fat believe it or not! :)

I will be sticking to my POINTS defo.. im going to try the "no more that 5g fat in 100g" rule. Im going to review my food choices and look for lower fat versions.
S: 20st5lb C: 14st12lb G: 14st4lb Loss: 5st7lb(27.02%)
In answer to your question, I would say YES, definitely the weight drops off quicker the heavier you are, and I would think that the fact you are smaller would certainly be a contributing factor to the slow loss that you're seeing.

You will do it, just don't get disheartened, I know it's hard and I would be exactly the same, but the ending will be a happy one ;)

Jon x


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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Thanks jon!!

im will keep at in and hopefully soon see some results!!

anyway im finishing work in 3 mins! so good night and sleep tight!!

see u tomorow!!

S: 17st1lb C: 11st9lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 5st6lb(31.8%)
Hi Sona,

I am just the same as you :( I am eating the right things etc but am not losing the weight :cry:

I lost 4lbs in my first week, then 2-3lbs in the second and this week and seem to have gained 2lbs back :cry:

I don`t know what to do if this doesn`t work :( This was my last chance at losing the weight as banding etc would be no good for me as over eating isn`t my problem.

I am not slimmer like you either, I am over 15st at the moment!

I am due to see my Dr for my first weigh in next Thurs and will talk to her then. My main problem is my horrendous tummy (4 kids, 1 section and 1 abdominal surgery whilst pg) so if the tablets aren`t working I am going to ask my Dr about a TT tho I doubt I would get it on the NHS :( Though I have lost just under 2st so far and with my history of surgery etc stuffing my tummy, who knows?! Worth a try eh?

If the answer is a no (which i`m guessing) I will find the money somehow and get it done myself if it means getting rid of this hideous body that I have!

Chin up and know ur not alone *hugs*

LiSe Xxx


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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Hi LiSe!

Honey we will be ok! i think its best to just forget yesterday and concentrate on making tomorow better! Im doing the same thing! I always kinda have a trend of weighing more on Fridays than i do on saturday!! duno why! but today i weighted myself and im 3 lbs down again!! So its WEIRD!

ive decided to make small changes to see if they make a diffrence...
im going to cut out or cut back atleast on bread! see how that goes!
have does well so far today! had an omelett in the afternoon and having chicken and cottage cheese for my dinner. Had 1 hot chos today but one was options so its ok.. had half of a banana just never giot round to finishing it before it went black! and struggling with my water today but i think i will get through it by 10pm tonight!

If you change ur eating plan u will constantly be SHOCKING ur body and it wont know what to do so u will lose weight. and a steady weight loss is better than a rapid one!!

On the upper hand here as i am "slimmer" (err not really!) i wil lose slower than u!! so u still gonna get more off before i get SOME off!

I know what u mean about the tummy though iv got an unattractive one of my own! but it will go in its own good time!! im just gona help it along!


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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Weight this morning 13.1

Had a late brekki, and late lunch and will have dinner at 8ish.
so far so good.


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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Hey all!

Im back from newcastle!! had a great sunny time!! my lil boy was fussy though he has decided to STOP eating food and only drink his milk!! I think he's got more teeth coming but that doesnt stop him eating biccis!! starnge!! any hooz apart from that stress i had a wonderful time with my mum and sisters!!...

On the diet front! Managed to stick with my WW poinst although was not able to stick to 5/100g fat aim as mum had done all the shopping and prepared most of my meals! She was very kind to take WW in to consideration and bought low fat versions of most food!!

As ive said earlier Indian food is VERY difficult to keep low fat so i tried my best! (avoided meat and oil as much as i could) Still had some oily side effects and 1 incident! thankfully wearing my pajamas!!

Good news - im officially 12:12 and have maintained this for about 3 days now! so looks like ive kicked the 13st!! yey

Back home now.. back at work.. and will in a few days be back to normal food and 1.5L water!

the cut back on bread and uptake on water has been great! i think i have identified that too many carbs are not my friend although i am NOT going to stop eating them.. maybe just minimize...

Thanks for reading!! will catch up on all the posts i missed now!!

s xx

New Clare

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S: 15st10lb C: 11st2lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 4st8lb(29.09%)
Hi Sona! Great to have you back:)

You have really turned things around over the last 2 week... Well done!

12.12 is fantastic! You must have felt great saying goodbye to 13 something! :D


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S: 15st5.2lb C: 14st13.4lb G: 10st3.3lb BMI: 38.3 Loss: 0st5.8lb(2.7%)
Hey gals!

soo sorry ive not been on here uch the last couple of weeks!! been hectic at work and home and ive been obsessvly reading the twilight saga! currently trying to stop myself finishing book 3! lolz

Anyway, WI on friday said 12:11 so defo going the right way finally! im happy with 1lb loss a wek as long as it goes!! Went to a wedding yesterday and loved the food!! Im not so sorry to say i enjyed myself and ate a moderate portion of the unhealthy food and didnt take my tablet! I know i know im cheating myself BUT.. i coulnt cope with the "after effects" at work the next day!

So WI THIS morning showed 12:11 again (will check on another scale tomorow to make sure its not bust!) Im back on track and taking my pills properly! ive managed to miss 2 this month! one by accident and one by desire.

Hope you are all doing well this month... coming to the eng of May now and the May challenge.. i think ive lost the 5lbs i had pledged so im going for another 5lbs as my June challenge..(will have to put thi sin the relevant thread!)

Iv got a confession to make.. ive not done ANY exercise for over a week now! nothing at all!!! Even my Wii Fit told me off this moning and told me i was a moron! So i hope to get back on the stepper and the Wii very soon!

anyway better go

s xx
S: 21st8lb C: 19st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 46.2 Loss: 2st5lb(10.93%)
Glad you are more positive Sona, Im sure the weight loss will increase again if you persist with it and do the exercise. My losses plateaud to 1 or 1.5 Ib for 4 weeks on the row, then stepped up the exercise and got 5 1/2 loss last week.
Like you I am also doing WW and it is a bit of a pain as calorie counting, fat counting and pointing but I am just getting on with it.

I just seem different about it all this time.
I too had a Meal at a wedding early May and thankfully it didnt make any diff too me still lost 1 Ib that week, I did however take the tablet.

My GP has even said its not realistic to not treat yourself occasionally, especially as I have a lot more to lose.

Talk soon and keep it up, you're doing good

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