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Hello party people

so what goes on in here??!!

I have been looking for a diet...... one that would cure all my problems. Something quick and easy, hassle free.... guess what! There isn't one.. not that I could find.

Cambridge- you can have no food or drink - obvious problems (it does work though!!)
Weight watchers- fking expensive!
Diet pills(didn't actually get around to trying this but thought it would be pretty pointless taking drugs when I could avoid eating fat without having to poop it out anyway......

So I've decided there's only one thing for it - going to have to go the old fashioned route....

Smokes and laxatives!

Only joking... diet and exercise ;) Is that what this forum is all about??

Anyone got good ideas for plans and that to help stay on track? ....... (when the ice melts) i'm planning on an early morning jog every other day- 20 mins in total- light jog-sprint-jog-sprint etc.

Don't want to join a gym. I hate the places! They're a total rip off! I hate how I feel like everyone is looking at you... judging.... But I wouldn't mind doing something like circuits classes- anyone do these? and I'm going to do table tennis training for an hour a week- but I realise that's prob not enough to make much of a difference- though it is more knackering than you might think!!

That'll do for now. End rant.
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One day at a time :)
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Have a look at my signature, thats what I am hoping to build up to in the next month or 2.

Power walking or jogging is really good as it gets you out for fresh air as well as being free exercise and a good excuse for listening to good music :)

Wish I could go down the smokes & lax route but I'm afraid my husband would divorce me! haha :D