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New person - question

S: 13st6lb
Hi everyone!!

Have been reading everyones posts for a few days now as have signed up to CD but not starting until another 2 weeks due to a few parties and conferences. Am very excited about the whole thing but also have one question.

Are there many of you on here who have done CD and managed to keep the weight off. I really want to do this and get to my goal weight and hope that once I am there I will do more exercise/change eating habits etc and not put the weight back on as I dont want to keep doing this for the rest of my life!!!!

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Surprised no one has replied to you, there is lots of people around who are maintaining there weight.Im not there yet but im sure someone who is will write to you :) Once you get to near your goal your cdc will help you move up the plans and re introduce food slowly etc

becky x


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All I want to say to you is that you seem like you are in the right frame of mind to do really well on CD so don't worry too much about whether the weight will come back. The way I see it is CD puts you on the starting block to change your life, and if you do change your diet and eating habits once all the weight is off then there is no chance of you putting it all back on, is there? When I get to where I want to go I am going to incorporate 30 mins of exercise into my day each day and go on a low GI health plan. There's no way any of the weight will go back on because I'm not drinking 4 bottles of wine a night like I used to! :eek:

This is a life changing decision and once you see the results you can get you have to be pretty weak willed not to want to make sure that you stay slim and healthy.........all you have to do now is start your CD journey!



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I did the diet last year and managed to lose 2st4lbs....I'm back a year on 1st2lbs heavier than when I finished the diet. I got to a weight that was healthy for me and I looked fairly slim (despite being a stone away from my own personal target). I didn't go up the plans properly and my life changed so much - started a full time job with a lot of demands, leaving my then 18 month old in childcare etc I managed to be stable up until Xmas and after that I lived off any old food that was quick and easy to clean up after. Naturally the weight kept back up...hence my return!
In my experience I would have put the weight back on regardless of how I lost it.
I'm now quite used to my new way of life so I am intending to go up the plans properly and take it from there.

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