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New person...

Hello everyone.

I thought I ought to say hello, instead of lurking in the background.

I started slimming world last tuesday after realising all of my clothes were suddenly straining at the seams when they all used to be quite baggy. I can't believe what I've done to my body. I suddenly have developed a large wobbly jelly belly. It hardly feels like 2minutes since I was (almost) comfortable on a beach last summer in my 12/14 bikini. My club 10 target is still heavier than I was then!!! :eek:

So far so good. Finding green days really easy, have gone to bed every night with a full tummy, and just can't manage to eat all the yummy recipes I keep seeing. Virtually fat free fromage frais and fruit is my saviour - I had it with raspberries on top of french toast for breakfast this morning - felt much naughtier than breakfast on a normal 'fat' day.

And I'm drinking tons of water...I'm hoping this will help.

this weekend is going to be a real test as I'm on call, and will probably find it difficult to eat at sensible times. Fingers crossed I don't get called out in the night lots otherwise there may be a malteaser and/or rolo blow out!

And now for the whole point of this post; 2 questions:
1) can you really eat lots of pasta etc on green days and still lose weight?
2) any tips for my first weigh in? is it best to weigh in on a red day (ie without a tummy full of heavy pasta, couscous or potato from lunch?) and I'm thinking I should cut back from my usual 3litres of water otherwise my bladder alone will weigh 5lbs?!?

If you've made it this far then thanks. I'll probably be round here for a while to come; I WILL be skinny when I get married next summer.

pp x
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Hello there!

In answer to your questions....

1> Yes!!!
2> It depends - everyone's different. What works for me is 3 or 4 green days at the start of the week, then follow it with red up until weigh in. That way the stodgy carbs have time to leave my system. It's something you'll have to play with but many people who do green exclusively do really well!

Very best of luck. If you've got an Aldi by you then try their wholegrain yogurts. They're free & in 250g pots. Thrown on a pile of rasberries and it's a meal in itself!

Kate x


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Hey Babe! Welcome...
Yep you can eat all the pasta etc, you like as long as its NOT fresh pasta as it SYNS...

I always have greens as im a vegi- drinking the water is a good idea, just dnt drink like a litre then jump on the scales- LOL

Let us know how ya do!

My weight suddenly became noticable to me too one day- but i just think where i am now- Just think where ya wanna be, and never look back...:D :D
Thanks for your kind words. I have a feeling I may be relying on your support when I'm having weak moments.

I'm still trying to get my head around eating & being full on a 'diet'. It seems so alien, the concept that you can eat lots, not count calories, and still lose weight. To me, diet = starvation.

I'm going to try red on Monday & tuesday; and after all this water I'll have to make sure I have a pee before jumping on those scales again, otherwise I'm sure I'll have gained.

Kate, I've heard those yoghurts are good, they came highly recommended at my first meeting. I shall take a trip to Aldi next week. Might help make my shopping a bit cheaper than it was this week.

I'll keep you informed!

pp x

CJ - LOVING the noel & russell pic...please keep posting just so I can see them!


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Hi ponypony,

Good luck with SW diet. I am starting on thursday. I have a 9stones to lose :eek:. I am feeling quite positive at the moment I just need to keep that up.

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