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new pics



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Arghhh I hate them bits!! Mine are awful :-(
Looking good though!
i think it's just excess skin from being overweight for most of my life. surgery fix only :(


Slowly but surely x
you look brilliant! as for the back flappy bits - swimming is such a good cure for that - breaststroke and weights where you lay on the bed/floor and have arms out to the side like you are making the letter "T" and lift the weights up to meet in the middle xx
chest flies or press :) i do these, have for years :( don't think it's going to tone. it's like my legs. skin's so loose despite my muscle on my thighs that to shave them i have to hold my skin and pull it around to get to every bit.
Its funny because i think you look amazing. I think the more weight you lose, the more critical you become of your body!!! You see things that other people wouldnt even notice :)
i think it's true. my cdc said that although my bmi is normal that she would consider me slim and that most people that are classed as normal are usually a bit overweight these days. the daft thing is that i can do the 810 until i'm 9st 10lbs but i think that i would look like a skeleton by then. just hanging skin on bones. i'm not going there of course i'm hoping to stick to around 11st. 10st 10lb to 11st going no heavier than 11st 7lbs.


Why Be Normal?
Great Things you look fab. Give it some time and if the loss skin is an issue talk to your doctor and he might be able to arrange something for you.

You look fairly young -- but one of the things I noticed when I dropped 5 stone (after being overweight for 13 years) is that when I got close to goal -- it wasn't so pretty. As you get older, I think if you are at the lower end of of your weight range... you tend to look older and hagged. MM
You`re looking FAB x


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Wow you look fab. Amazing - so slim

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You are looking good....if I look HALF as good at 12 stone I'll be happy !!! Swimming is good,as I think someone mentioned already, I swam a lot when I lost over 6 stone and it toned everything up !!!
You are doing brilliantly....when I looked at the full length piccy I didn't noticed that bit of skin you mention, I'm like OMG a nice waist and a tiny bum !!!! Hahaha !!!

Diva x

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