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New products coming! excited about banoffee!

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by ticktock, 4 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    So we have some new products coming!! banoffee porridge sounds delicious, cant wait to try that one!
    2 new pastas: carbonara and 4 cheese pasta
    also omelette meal pack... exciting stuff eh? might keep me on track knowing there's new stuff to try soon, I only like a few products so hoping I like the new things, variety is the spice of life and all that!
    oh, and they are testing 6 new flavour shakes, whichever is voted the best stays, no idea what flavours they have.... what do you reckon they might be??
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  3. Kayroo

    Kayroo Silver Member

    oh my! I want the 2 new pastas. I love the cheesy pasta now so very excited to try those too!
  4. fattifi

    fattifi Full Member

    I am sad they have got rid of the red fruits shake- I loved it, and the cheesy pasta, it was my fave! I hope the new ones are just as nice because I'm currently stuck with only 3 shakes I like and a stockpile of cheesy pasta as I don't like the other meal packs!
  5. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    Oooh, when do these new delights arrive? I just got a small order yesterday to stock up on cheesy pasta! lol!
  6. fattifi

    fattifi Full Member

    The new meal packs should be out this week, not sure about the banoffee porridge or the new shakes.
  7. ticktock

    ticktock Full Member

    I think they might be offering free sample of bannoffee porridge next, not sure tho, have to keep checking their facebook page! I just wanna know what flavours the milkshakes are, I only like chocolate one and am getting fed up of 2 chocolate shakes day in day out! x
  8. harassed_mother

    harassed_mother Gold Member

    How do u all make cheesy pasta mine came,out runny and hard pasta :-(
  9. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    I always have my cheesy pasta with cauliflower so here's what I do.

    I buy frozen cauli and microwave a handful of it in a bowl, covered with cling film, for 3 minutes. Whilst its microwaving I mix up the cheesy pasta with the water as per the pack instructions - maybe a tiny bit more - then add some Tabasco sauce. Once the cauli is done, I set it aside and microwave the cheesy pasta as per the pack instructions and then chuck the cauliflower in it - sprinkle of salt and pepper and mix it up.

    Granted my pasta twirls are still a bit crunchy, but it is delish.

    I guess to avoid the crunchy pasta you could make the mix up 10 minutes before you want to micro it to soften the pasta, but I've never tried it.

    I just had cauliflower and cheesy pasta. It was nom nom! lol! :)
  10. fattifi

    fattifi Full Member

    I sieve out the pasta and add it to a cup of boiling water for 10mins whilst I thoroughly mix the sauce with water and prepare my veg or meat etc. I then strain the pasta and add it to the sauce before microwaving it. Leave it to stand for a minute or two and it tends to thicken up.
  11. Fay737731

    Fay737731 Silver Member

    Leaving it for 10 minutes made up before microwaving usually works for me!

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