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New puppy and need advice


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Hi all, got a new 10 wk staffy pup yesterday. He only whined 4 times last night for 10 min periods. I left him today for 3 hours in the middle of the day in prep for 7 hours alone tomorrow.

Which is what I am anxious about.... I need to know am I being over paranoid? Will he be okay in the laundry, it's the size of a bedroom, and will be full of food, toys, chew things and a pigs ear. The next day hubby will be home all day with him and Wednesday-Friday he will be alone from 9 - 4. Please tell me he will be okay and I am just panicking ...
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I think he should be fine,as long as he somethings o chew and play with,and obviously food and water.

i used to leave a radio on low,when we had our puppy (years ago) he should be fine in that room,and will probably feel secure and safe,as opposed to letting him run riot through the house.

He'll soon get used to you coming and going,just make sure he gets plenty of the right attention when you get home, a walk,love and fuss and good praise :D


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i would say be prepared possibly for your utility room to be destroyed as staffys are notorious chewers but apart from that he should be fine,,, and you will get a huge welcome when u come home ,,,, the one thing that does worry me is toilet training ideally as a young pup he should be let out every hour or two so theres no accidents in the house. Once trained he will be fantastic and there shouldnt be any problems i left mine for 8 hours one night for a party expecting to come home to loads of accidents and they were brilliant not a mess in sight.
the one thing wrong with your post is theres NO pictures for me to drool over lol
I know this sounds totally silly but leave a blankie/piece of clothing that has yours or your husbands smell on it for the puppy.
This was he can snuggle up to something that smells of you and will feel a little safer.
I dont own a dog but I am a member of a pet forum and that is the thing to do apparently.


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Have you thought about a crate? its invaluable to me, pups havent messed in it once. Yes it is a long time to leave a pup as mentioned ref house training. and if pup is anxious could potentially be destructful. sorry i cant say everything will be fine, it possibly will but expect some poo and wee when you get back! Pups dont learn to control themselves properly until about 6 months (never if a daxie ;) )


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I have a now 7 month old black labrador puppy. When we have to leave him for a few hours he has a "kong" which you can stuff - I stuff it with puppy meat and freeze it overnight so it keeps him occupied having to chew it out, and also the chewing , as its frozen, helps with his teething. He has never chewed anything other than some post which is apparently a miracle as labrador puppies especially are known to be little chewing crocodiles! :eek:

This is one of the kongs he has:


They do puppy ones too.....

Also, I leave the radio on for him so he has some noise in the background.

My puppy does have a crate which is brilliant, now he's that bit older he's too big to be left in it during the day, but he does sleep in it at night. It helped with his toilet training as pups won't poop in their own beds, - he only tiddled a couple of times and never, not once, poo'd in the house.

Make sure you socialise him and introduce him to people / other dogs / horses as quickly as possible:D

Good luck, and enjoy pup as they grow up so quickly:p altho my little furbaby will always be a little puppy to me!:rolleyes:


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