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new rule?

My cons boss told her last week a new "rule" regarding superfree food. They now want us to have sf as a starter not dessert if we don't incorporate it into the main meal as we would eat less if we did. Eg you may have a slice of melon for starters to leave room for the main course but you would eat more and add other fruit for dessert.
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I suppose it makes sense in that you will be full up from the superfree so would be less likely to overeat, and I think most people on here have recommended to someone at some point to do this.

Also, fruit digests quicker than other foods, so actually alot of nutritionalists say eat fruit before rather than after a meal.

Thing is, the superfree rule isn't actually a rule, its a recommendation so this could only be a recommendation too. Do whatever works for you.
It kinda does make sense really, especially as in the past I have been known to think "Oh i'll just have some SF fruit after to make up for it" and i'm always too full to eat it all!!!!
I never have extra "just to make up for it" - kind of defeats the object! It's extra.
I also never have a starter..... I'll wait and see if we get told this little gem. I love the stuff which comes from consultants!!


Put the kettle on
I cant eat fruit after a meal, makes me bloated.

To me, the whole point of one third superfree was to reduce the amount of other foods you eat, so it would make more sense before.

As for this being a rule, I dunno, seems for recent posts one c says one things a rule, another says its not. Do what works best for you really.
I nearly always have fruit after a meal - because I like eating fruit for pudding, lol. I never think of it as part of my third superfree. No way am I going to serve it as a starter instead - my boyfriend would think I'd gone insane :D


loves to eat and drink...
fruit for starter, main course and desert, might as well live in a tree and change my name to Kong. And when I start grooming my workmates, I'll know i've gone to far.
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fruit for starter, main course and desert, might as well live in a tree and change my name to Kong
Except you aren't suppose to eat too many bananas remember ;)

Most meals its really easy to add superfree to the plate one way or another and the meals you can't (like fish & chips with mushy peas) aren't that often so I'm not going to worry too much about when I eat my fruit!

In fact, am off to have a banana now:p


loves to eat and drink...
I do really love fruit and always have a bowl next to me at work, apples, pears, plums, in fact anything i can scrump. Also enjoy grapes, bananas, pineapples, melons, kiwi fruit - but these are not easy to scrump in the Black Country. Rhubarb used be plentiful but not many people seem to grow it now, but i'm always being given tomatoes, think i'm gonna get a shirt printed that says wastebin, fill me up, have have a reputation for not leaving anything hence being at the size i am now. Can't abide waste!!
Wonder if it will be said anywhere else. The new regional boss used to say things like this when she was a con according to other girls in the group so it may be her views she's passing on.

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