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New Slimmer


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Hi ladies... Ok so I joined slimming world last week after putting it off for what seemed like forever (reason being I thought I was the only person who wouldn't be a skinny minny - silly I know) but I was put at ease both by my leader and the group. Had a great week so far and really enjoying the plan, nothing like any diets I've tried before... Basically can eat the majority of the same food but cooked differently... Love it :)

Anyway, was out for a family meal tonight and struggled a bit with the menu so I need a bit of help with syn values. I had penne pasta with chicken+prawn which I pressume is all free but it was served in a garlic cream sauce along with 1 slice of garlic bread... So ladies any ideas?

Thanks in advance :) xxx
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erm sorry can't help with the syns pity you don't know how many calories were in the sauce as I've heard it's 1syn=20calories :)
Hi and congratulations on starting SW - it really is a great plan

Not really sure about Syn values but looking in my book, the nearest is possibly tagliatelle carbonara which is 15 on red or 12.5 on green
garlic bread, average slice 4.5 syns.

It is usually better to go for tomato based sauces as these work out a lot lower on syns.
the pasta, chicken and prawns woulde be free but you would need to also have 1/3 plate of superfree for this to count as EE

I find it really difficult when going out for a meal and tend to just eat what I like and then draw a line under it and get straight back on plan the next day. As long as this doesn't happen every day then just think of it as 1 meal out of 21 (in a week) and it shouldn't affect weight loss

good luck


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Great help, thanks so much :)

Have been doing great sticking to my plan using mainly about 6 syns a day so excluding today I hope to have done enough to give me a loss :)

Thanks again xx


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Tuesday so only one full day to go+all my planned meals tomorrow are free+supersede foods with lots of fruit for in between so I've everything crossed :) x


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*superfree... Damn autotype lol x


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Hi and welcome to Mini Mins Angela. You'll find all the support you could ever need here :D

Congratulations on joining Slimming World its a great plan!



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Ah thank you, just browsing through the links+some really helpful tips on here, love it :)

Advice on 2 more syn values please anyone... Green tea with a hint of cranberry (I'm thinking it's maybe free but just would like to double check)... And a Cadbury Light Mousse. I did mail the same thing in the syn value link but in case it takes a while for replies+seeing as I'm typing here anyway. Thanks xx


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Ok I'll check, thanks. The green tea with Cranberry is Twinings xx
I think it will be free, have put it into the online syn calender on SW site and it just comes up with herbal and fruit teas which are free.


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Nice one, thank you :) xx
Hi Angela, I'm new too. Good luck with the weight loss. SW is fab xx


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Thank you :) good luck to you too x

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